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Weekly Taurus Reviews

26 February 2024 - 03 February 2024

A week with high energy pace welcomes you. This week, your attitude towards almost everything that brings important events in your love friendship and bilateral relationships and creates problems in your relationships should be very clear and sharp. You are faced with energies that you will advance without fear of owning and struggling everything that is important to you. With the influence of other planets, your desires will intensify and increase, and your relationship with your spouse or lover will become much more special and loving.

In your professional life, your competitive spirit will be enthusiastic and you will be more connected to your business with the emergence of the issues you are prevented from being injured. Your mind will function sharply than ever. It will enable you to complete your unfinished business in matters related to your business.

Problems due to carelessness on weekend trips may be the cancellation of the last minute, you should be careful. This week, you will overcome your mental and physical health problems and get stronger with the energies that will allow you to value yourself. You will be able to enjoy your happiness.