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Weekly Taurus Reviews

25 October 2021 - 31 October 2021

During this week, your high energy, sportiness and enthusiasm will enable you to achieve your goals faster. Positive thoughts will keep the seasonal cold and flu at bay, with a healthy mind and stronger immune system. Daily meditation prayers, everything you do for your soul, spirituality will benefit your health.

You should be careful not to make new beginnings and to stay away from aesthetic interventions.

With the energies of the planets reflected in your sign, this week strengthens your possibility to travel. Travels will bring you luck in all respects and you will be able to realize your dreams and get the power and opportunity to improve your study skills. During the week, your approach to everything will be mature and serious.

Perhaps for the first time, you can achieve more than you expect, financially and morally. Those who are students this month may have difficulties with adaptation. You can invest in a new venture and have the opportunity to grow your business. You can get new sources of income during the week and a promotion chance can be foreseen for those who are at work. Your smart brilliant ideas will help you make profits.

In your private life, the tensions between the spouse and the spouse's family regarding financial issues and your spouse's relatives may try to put you under pressure for your inclusion in this unpleasant situation, but this time, under the pressure of your patience, you will not stay silent, raise your word and redefine the boundaries, and try to save your relationship from the weight of these people, which can also get your spouse's support. you will be able to.

Singles can also experience exciting developments. You can make additional income and agreements that will provide continuity in your income.