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Weekly Aries Reviews

25 October 2021 - 31 October 2021

You should avoid tiring yourself physically and mentally during this week. You may be more sensitive towards the middle of the week. Watch out for injuries while doing risky work. There may be situations where you will be worried about your mother's health. Problems with your stomach may disturb you.

Medication use may also experience problems with medical interventions. It may be better for you not to make such applications these days.

Married this week, you are in a month where you can make your married life more romantic. Singles and non-relationships, the right energies are moving forward with you to meet new people. This week is the time to express your feelings and be accepted.

This month, you should be solution-oriented, understanding the changes in dates and delays that will develop beyond your expectations in business-related matters. You will have a peaceful month, except that you pay attention not to repeat the difficulties you experienced in the past month.

It's the time period where you can make healthy decisions by balancing your personal life with emotion and anger control, where you can be healed after difficulties. Single people, you can meet the person who will change your life positively with this effect, and you can complete each other like two halves of an apple. Those who are married and have children may encounter tensions, disagreements and difficulties in relations with children during this period.