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Weekly Aquarius Reviews

05 December 2022 - 11 December 2022

You should be careful about your health during this period. If you have had an operation or medical intervention in the past year, you should be careful and you should not tire yourself considering that your ailments may recur again. This week may not give positive results for you on journeys. You can use this energy to restructure your life, you can make radical decisions about marriage or togetherness, end an ongoing relationship with uncertainties, and take time to discover different aspects of yourself. You can step into a pleasant warm coexistence.

Chance will be on financial matters in the last week of the month. However, your obsessions and concerns should be minimized. This process is the time to strive to trust yourself. If you do not act with the guidance of others, you will be able to provide balances and prevent financial imbalances.

You can make a tremendous gain by working as a professor or by working with the partner and collaborative fields as you can change the sector. At the same time, your spouse can make tremendous gains and you have the right to benefit from the spouse.

In your private life, there may be problems arising from your own relatives. Tensions in your relationships with relatives and siblings can cause problems in your private life. You should bring limitations to your relationships, and you should be careful not to engage in impulsive behavior.