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Weekly Capricorn Reviews

23 May 2022 - 29 May 2022

After a long time, you start the week with strong and positive effects. You can achieve victory in almost everything you struggle for a long time and have difficulty in succeeding. You will give a good lesson to people who think they are very smart and think they are playing games with you, and you will start new beginnings in your life.

You should be careful against the intrigues you may encounter during the week. The games of people who have taken part in your life in one way or another can come to light especially in the past, who want to disturb your happiness and improve your energy. You must be determined and give a good lesson to people who want to ruin your success and happiness.

Another thing you should pay attention to during this period is that your psychological balance should not be disrupted by what you experience. To prevent this, you should spend more time with the person you love and overcome the energies that overwhelm your mind with the power of love.