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Weekly Capricorn Reviews

05 December 2022 - 11 December 2022

You should make clear decisions about the opportunities you have in your business life. If you are unstable, you may not be able to evaluate the chances that come and you may have great regrets. This week, you should attach great importance to communication and improve yourself in order to express yourself in the most correct way. You must be open to innovations. You can experience great success from new people and collaborations. In the second half of the week, your life will begin to enlighten with the positive reflections of fulfilling your responsibilities in your business and private life. Your social life will be very active and you can experience the positive benefits of meeting the right people in the right place.

You should take care to communicate with the people you have difficulties in communicating. You should evaluate the surprise offers you will receive in your business life and evaluate every opportunity you can reach to higher levels. If you are looking for a job that will bring new beginnings with new people, you can start a long-term and peaceful job. This month, you will find gains and significant progress in your business and education life due to foreign sources and foreign connections.

In your private life, your ties will become stronger in proportion with the power of your love with your spouse or lover, and with the resolution of the existing problems, you will proceed with safe steps to the point you want to be found by making more effective efforts in your business life. Throughout this week, you should be careful to balance your emotional intelligence with your logical intelligence and not to keep silent about your friends 'behavior that will wear out your friends' relationship as in the past.

You will attach great importance to your personal development and reflect the beauty of your essence to the outside world, waiting to be discovered in your inner world. With people who constantly criticize you in your life and who try to steer your private life, you will do the right thing with sharp separations. In the unfortunate events you have experienced in your private life, you should be sincere and do not stop trying to make up for your mistakes.