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Weekly Gemini Reviews

05 December 2022 - 11 December 2022

It welcomes you with a high energy energy week. The moon will make sense for you day by day. Your sense of responsibility should be more in the foreground than last months. This month, you can struggle with people who will oppose your ideas, especially in matters related to your business. This week, resistance and obstacles related to spouse's relatives and work life may be the subjects that require struggle.

If you manage to keep your motivation high with your spouse, you will be able to overcome the difficulties that may arise in this process. However, you can realize your new projects in your business life and uncover a work you have been working on for a long time despite the obstacles and break your chains.

A new source of income can be created if you correctly evaluate opportunities in business and finance, and if you plan well, you can add new areas to your business site where you will achieve long-term success. Those who are singles these days can enter into a romantic rapport with a colleague. In this period, the level of competition in the workplace can disturb you and you may have to deal with a woman who can create problems at work, and you may experience tensions due to her pressures.

To summarize, it is wise to try to avoid flexibility and controversy. You must stay calm and beat anger. In your family and friendship relations, the beauties of tolerance will bring you to strengthen your bonds.