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Weekly Pisces Reviews

23 May 2022 - 29 May 2022

During the week, you should behave sensitively against tensions to be experienced with family elders. You may come across statements that do not reflect the truth about your own life, and you may encounter the reaction of the family elders. If you respond to the reaction in response, things can become inexorable. You are faced with an energy that will enable you to succeed by realizing what you can do by revealing you in your simplest state by turning to your inner world.

Now the stage is yours, your intuition, your mind and win. Do your best to make good use of this period in which you can have a say in your business life. If you continue with the principle of continuing education, even if you have difficulty in adaptation in the first place, you will realize how accurate you have made in the future. In your private life, your spouse or lover may apologize with regret and ask for another chance.

If your sense of trust is not damaged, think again. Those who are single and unrelated, you will not leave the intense interest of the opposite sex with your charm.