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Weekly Cancer Reviews

25 October 2021 - 31 October 2021

This week, your worries, your apprehension, magnifying small things, negative thoughts may disrupt your nervous system, you may experience physical injuries due to absent-mindedness. Therefore, be careful while driving. In order to get rid of negativities in your life, you should strive to improve your daily routine.

This week, especially those who have children, you may share their health and work problems. If you have a thought such as a house or settlement change, you should wait this week.

You should not make statements that will cause tension in your relations with your relatives and friends. It may be that he makes independent decisions and acts angrily.

Being calm in your married life and having a positive attitude towards life will allow you to overcome the arguments without escalating them. You may be disappointed in your love life this week. You should understand the person you love, do not neglect him, do not act capriciously by relying on the misdirections of your friends, otherwise your relationship may end.

In this period, you may receive your past uncollectible receivables and experience positive developments in financial matters. During this time, you should listen to the voice of your intuition and direct your business life in this direction. Those with health problems may find it difficult during this period, and you may feel exhausted, restless and tired.

You should not tire yourself too much and exhibit hasty behavior. Your haste can cause difficulties with the joints and muscles. You can start a new relationship. Be decisive, leave your wishes behind and take action to fulfill your wishes.