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Weekly Leo Reviews

25 September 2023 - 01 September 2023

If you can shape the energy in a strong and correct way, it welcomes you for a week that can bring lasting effects. You can reconfigure your life, those who choose to stay in your business and private life, who need to go to a process of weeding purification in all your relationships, will be the people who will share your consensus love and beauty with those who strive to understand you who truly love you.

There may be cupboards turned around by someone you care about your colleagues who will abuse your trust. You must accept people as they are without giving excuses to what happened without getting away from the facts and give everyone the value they deserve. Only in this way will you be successful by finding your own truths. There may be problems in travels this week. You should also be careful about your personal safety issues.

In your private life, if you do not want the problems of the family you are with, to circulate on your relationship like dark clouds, you should share your feelings and thoughts with the person you love, and if you want to continue this relationship, you must overcome the existing difficulties by acting together. Those who are single, you will start to get your horoscopes with love for your patience this week.