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Monthly Gemini Reviews

October 2021

This month can be a very favorable month for married couples, singles, students and professionals. Couples should avoid futile ego clashes, singles should propose to solid people and monitor their relationships with the elderly.

Your financial situation may be better as the end of the month approaches. Be mindful of what you eat, especially junk food, to avoid stomach upsets. Do not forget to choose juicy dishes. Try postponing business tours.

Couples in love may experience an increase in romance and intimacy. This can be a good period for businesses that rely on incentives, commissions or brokerage structures. Students should not take competitive exams during this period. Watch what you eat. While couples experience an increase in romance, singles proposing to someone can be successful!

Sometimes you may want to slack off. What did they say? Ignore small tasks today as they can become big failures tomorrow. Getting angry doesn't solve anything, keep that in mind. Stick to your current job even if you get a better offer. You can get surprise incomes this month. People who owe you money can pay off their debts.