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Monthly Aquarius Reviews

October 2021

This month may be an average month for you, where both good and bad elements come together. Married couples should not quarrel with each other and singles who intend to propose to someone should also make preparations this month.

Students seeking a technical field may need to focus more. Planetary alignment may indicate that the results will not be as satisfactory as expected. Infectious diseases or viral attacks may block your way this month.

Salary workers can be praised by their bosses at work. With good teamwork, difficult tasks can be handled more easily. Try to join a team of dedicated members. Take care of your health by changing your seasons. Try to keep yourself busy with interesting outdoor activities. You can at least go and do a light workout at the gym.

This month could be a good month to expand your business. Better and more lucrative job offers can be made available to salaried employees. Do not argue with your brothers unnecessarily. Doing so can damage relationships. Misunderstandings about your spouse can be cleared up this month.

In terms of finances, this may be a mediocre month and your income stream may continue to fluctuate. Team up with like-minded people to achieve your missions. This month may not be very favorable for commission agents, but it can be a great time to consider new investments. However, be sure to seek professional advice before making any investment. Finally, don't lend money to anyone!