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Daily Aquarius Reviews

28 October 2021

You won't get enough in return for your enthusiasm today. You are in another mood, he is in another mood. You want everything to be mine, and he only wants you. Instead of making it obvious, he reproaches you and makes a whim.

You are energetic, but you have no intention of putting your energy into work. It's good to put some of your energy into work. You are still appreciated and admired. You care too much about petty conflicts in your workplace.

There is no need to delay what you want to buy. Your budget is suitable for small expenses. You are reasonable enough, you can reward yourself today. You care deeply about a relative's financial problem, but you do not make any effort to solve it.

You are full of energy, but there may be a problem with using your energy. You want to use it in your private life, but your energy is needed at work.