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Daily Scorpio Reviews

28 October 2021

Your girlfriend is a perfect person. He looks at you with feelings that are too strong to be affected by your petty grudges. The person he sees from time to time can't take your place, don't bother.

Do not worry too much about fluctuations in business life. Boats do not sink easily, even in the roughest seas, unless their machinery breaks down. You just hold the machine intact. After you have this effort, let those who surrender easily worry.

Everything will be alright. You are experiencing the distress of not being able to support your closest person. But as you can see, it's about to reduce its problems to zero. He may soon become someone with more budget than you.

Someone far from you but very interested in you has a serious health problem. It won't be a heartbreak for you, but it's good to know, it's getting worse.