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Monthly Scorpio Reviews

February 2024

This month may be on average for your health problems. There is a possibility of an accident towards the end of the month, so you may need to be very careful during this time. The last two weeks can be critical to you; you may be injured by accident, fire or short circuit.

You may feel that your opponents are getting aggressive towards you. During this time, you may be disappointed, so you need to control your anger or take the chance to affect your career. This can be very good for business owners this month. Government employees or those interested in government affairs may provide benefits during this period. For employees, this month may be positive, but they may have to face excessive workload.

You may feel lethargic due to your health problems and you may not be able to work in accordance with your expectations. Still, financially, your profits may be good. You may encounter problems with the property. During this month, it is recommended to pay attention to your relationship with your siblings. During this time, the family may experience ups and downs, but your relationship with your friends can be really great. During this time, unnecessary costs may be accrued. You should avoid traveling during this month.