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Monthly Taurus Reviews

October 2021

You may have some difficulties to face this month. Bad behavior from a coworker can cause stress. On the other hand, your bosses may appreciate your sincerity and contribution.

This can be a great time for education, higher education and entrance exams. All you have to do is try your best! A holistic view of the moon's stars can show that there really is nothing wrong with your life, provided you keep your balance and stay stress-free.

Relationships and love can be found in abundance in your life, bringing you joy and making it lively and fascinating. This also affects your health and well-being. Things can get busier as the month progresses.

We think you've traveled more this month and can enjoy the journey a lot. You can meet new people, establish new bonds and relationships. Here too, things can be stable. Both your expenses and income will increase. If you're looking for a role in government or related industries, you might be in luck!

While your career chart will remain average, your health will increase even more as long as you don't overdo it on junk food. You can channel into sports or walking and experience a burst of energy.