Capricorn Horoscope Features

General Features

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Element: Earth

Attribute: Pioneer

Lucky Numbers: 2, 8

Day: Saturday

Color: Dark Green, Brown

Tarot card: Satan

Animal: Goats and Other Horns

Plant: Clove, Ivy, Pine, Poplar, Elm

Precious metal: Lead

Positive features:

Hardworking. Reliable. Determined. Willing. Patient. Determined. Cautious. Disciplined. Planner. Humor. Tidy. Steadfast. Less is enough. It gets rich. High stamina. Responsible. Good wife, good parent. The possessive.

Negative features:

Rigid. Hard-headed. Passionate. Pessimistic. Skeptical. Vindictive. Hard. Pessimistic. The loneliness enthusiast.

Capricorn female general features

Capricorn woman draws attention with her ambitious, cheerful, domestic, hardworking and honest structure. She likes being strong and makes every effort to do this. A wealth of information and culture is also important to him.

Capricorn woman builds a wall for herself due to her pessimistic mood and puts obstacles before herself. However, its ambitious and strong structure is sufficiently in the foreground. Capricorn woman who is always confident does not easily trust and be conservative to those around her. Their movements are measured. They are so frugal on material matters that this is to the extent of stinginess.

They attach great importance to knowledge. Courtesy and culture are very important to them, so they work hard to improve themselves. They are very ambitious and ambitious about work. They have the capacity to be successful in all the jobs they take.

Capricorn woman is quite logical and realistic, so she can make decisions more quickly in the face of events.

The Capricorn woman embraces the man she loves, and wants her to be what she wants. Courtesy and honesty are very important, especially in the opposite sex. He tries to choose his partner carefully. Capricorn woman who loves to live life to the fullest wants to have a social relationship with the person she loves. When she gets married, she will be a good and loyal wife. He will be a cheerful and loving mother to his children. However, it may be somewhat mandatory due to the excessive drive of ownership.

Capricorn male general features

Capricorn man attracts attention with his hardworking, determined, ambitious and loving attitudes. He is fond of material and enjoys working. He has no interest in making money. He knows how to evaluate opportunities. It is frugal and likes saving.

Capricorn man is reliable, prescriptive and disciplined. He likes things that are systematic and orderly. He generally has a skeptical attitude. Evaluates and interprets events according to their own truth. It has a cold-blooded appearance.

Capricorn male gives great importance to friendship and examines and chooses whom he makes friends with. It has strict rules and does not want to go beyond these rules easily.

Capricorn is fond of freedom of man and does not like the other side's direction and restraint in bilateral relations. She is happy with a woman suitable for her personality. When he loves, he becomes a loyal and jealous wife. He likes women who are more intelligent, well-groomed, who know what they want, and with personality. Their relationship is long-lasting. He has a suitable personality for marriage. He is an ideal wife and an ideal father. He will mobilize all his best efforts to raise his children in the best possible way.

Character Features

Capricorn symbolizes his step in the adventure of finding himself and finding himself in the universe. In Scorpio and Sagittarius, the effort to gain control over emotions and information leaves its desire to create control over authority in Capricorn. Authority is obtained by creating the rules and regulations of the socialized society. Capricorn usually starts by creating rules and regulations that they don't actually want to apply. Their determination to achieve their goals and objectives is the main reason for them to develop a strict philosophy and a form of behavior without tolerance.

People of the pioneering capricorn have an activist spirit. Thanks to their stable, persistent and stubborn structure, it is not possible for them to give up the path they enter and the target they are locked on. Capricorn, which has leadership and rule setting features, is usually a manager or manager. Thanks to its pragmatic structure, it definitely develops a method to achieve its target. Capricorn, symbolized by mountain goat, uses methodical methods and robust means to climb the hills. The status quo and authority affect the capricorn. Initiative usability and the avoidance of responsibility are the key to its success. Capricorn, who needs to be appreciated and respected, does not like to reveal his weaknesses and incompetence. This false pride often results in a distant relationship with people. Under the defensive and confident attitude, sometimes lack of self-confidence can be felt. Capricorn, who describes insecurity and fear as weakness, does not even want to admit that these emotions may also be in him.

Capricorn people calculate the possible contributions of each experience to them. Physical action, emotional analysis, and reasoning always come later. Establishing tangible advantages, especially from their experience, is a stimulating factor. When Capricorn thinks he will achieve his desired goal, he can work steadily for long hours without tiring. If there is no interest at the end of the effort, there is no point in working for Capricorn. Capricorn person, whose humor and sense of humor is very advanced, reacts violently when he is humor.

Capricorn needs to know and understand its limits in all areas of life. From an early age, it easily adapts to traditional values, rules and regulations, and the way of thinking and behavior parallel to the society. Even if he later rejects them in his personal life, he prefers to be in the system to achieve his goals. A Capricorn system has difficulty in achieving its goals and may even lose its way, without restrictions, rules and regulations. With the rules and regulations, it tries to understand the system it is in and the social structure. Once the reality of something is understood for Capricorn, it is much easier to manipulate and control it. This approach is often the main reason why Capricorn stands out in the business world. Usually capricorn makes it bigger than its age, and it is indeed much more mature than its age.

Career Life

With its practical, conservative, prudent nature, Capricorn is considered as the most closely linked to the career and career. Capricorn, who loves to work and produce hard, is a master at reaching his goal with careful and planned steps. As will be understood, patience and endurance are among the biggest features of Capricorn. Capricorn, who does not hesitate to use initiative, also likes to lead by the influence of pioneering quality.

Capricorn, which is made of earth element, develops practical strategies before starting any work and keeps another plan ready just in case. The hierarchy does not bother to exist within the mechanism, as it places importance on the status quo and position. But his main goal is always the top seat. It generally has a structure that does everything that needs to be done without losing its coolness and acts with full awareness of its responsibilities.

His human relationships in the business environment are not very strong, as he sees nothing while working and is unaware of what is happening around him. Capricorn, who does not even need to relax, take a break, is sometimes declared unpopular in the business environment, as it is prone to competition. Capricorn's office is a practical place, equipped in such a way that it does not waste any time. Practical use of items and quick access to what is needed is of primary importance.

Capricorn is extremely successful at management levels, regardless of its sector, with its structure that can produce strategy and plan. As managers, they are sought in organizations because they also have a leader. Capricorn, which is closely linked to the matter, will also be successful in areas that require design where it can use its ability to form. Another suitable area for Capricorn is economy.

Money Status

Prudence, precautionary features are the most important factor for the risks to slip away from the capricorn. Planning, organization and managing abilities also show themselves in the financial field. Capricorn determines the material goals of his life and develops long-term strategies and starts to work endlessly to achieve this goal patiently, steadfastly and tirelessly. When investing, safety is a priority rather than earnings. Therefore, traditional methods are the minimum risk typical capricorn style.

Capricorn tends to narrow its own individual risk, preferring to be in large organizations. He prefers to pay for the effort he gives while working, by minimizing the risk. It tends to take the leadership role in removing financial congestions with its practical and quick solution structure. Capricorn, especially working in the finance part of organizations, becomes the cornerstone of the company over time. Economics, budgeting, providing resources are the most natural functions for Capricorn.

The nature that is prone to production, its easy organization, and the ideas it generates for the future, while creating strategies, helps it to see ahead. Capricorn, sometimes described as tight and even stingy, sees money as a safety tool, just like cancer. He can not relax his future and his needs, for a moment, from his mind and the people he is responsible for.

Love Life

Capricorn, who created a cold impression in the first encounter, actually uses it as a defense mechanism that he developed with the desire to be cautious. Although her career life is the most important area of ​​her life, she also loves theater, music and other arts. Usually, he prefers to be with people who have high intellectual capacity and whose vital goals are similar to their own. Capricorn likes to discuss serious issues, and tries to help others in even minor problems.

People born in this horoscope love luxury, although they do not want to banner these aspects much. Capricorn thinks money is an important tool to ensure life safety.

It is not so easy to win the love of capricorn with a dominant character. Usually he expects to be convinced, not convincing. At the beginning of the draw, the basic requirement is that the other side believes in its seriousness. The tolerance of Capricorn is quite low for people who constantly change their mind, who differ from what they say and what they do.

Capricorn struggles to be with people who act with pure emotions and index their lives to their emotions. Because capricorn accepts control, coolness and distance behavior as a merit. As he takes his relationship seriously, he expects his partner to act seriously and selflessly. Capricorn can be a very passionate, affectionate and aloof lover, if he caresses the pride of the person he is with, makes him cheer up and believes in his love.

Sex & Sexual Life

Capricorn people need an order and routine in their sexual life, just like in any other area of ​​their lives. A programmed sex life makes the capricorn sign feel better. Capricorn prefers monogamy, no matter how passionate it is, as caution and caution are the keywords of his life. Since his feet cannot be separated from the ground, he is locked to what they can achieve in their sexual goals. In vain, it is not possible for him to pursue the opposite sex, as he could not only engage his bodily passions.

Capricorn, a zodiac sign of earth, has intense sexual drive and has a very ambitious structure. However, the importance he attaches to traditions, rules and the values ​​of the outside world is the reason for his control here. As a result of the value it gives to privacy, it is not possible to make sexual references to the wife he is married in social environments or to touch in the context of sexuality.

Capricorn, a dominant character, also enjoys the dominant role in sexuality. However, as a aries sign is not self-centered, he is not unresponsive to his partner's feelings and needs. In addition, no matter how stubborn, if he thinks he is not wanted, he will not resist the other. He does not hesitate to reveal his limits and publicly share his requests. The biggest disadvantage of Capricorn is that it cannot empty its brain, which is focused on the job, even during sexuality.

Health Life

Stability, vigilance and stability can be listed as the basic features of the capricorn character. However, this determination may increase from time to time to persistence and even ambition.

Capricorn is related to the skeletal system, the bones, and especially the knees, which keep the body standing. Cathobolism and metamorphosis are two keywords that can be sufficient to express the functions of capricorn in the body.

Drying, hardening of the skin, deformations in the joints, problems in the nails, hair and teeth, capricorn are the ailments that people tend more. Eczema, all kinds of dermatological diseases caused by weakness of the nervous system, depression, rise in stomach acid are the most common diseases.

Capricorn may need to show special caution to the teeth from an early age, otherwise it is possible for women between the ages of 28 and 31 or in women to face serious problems during pregnancy.

Chemical substances (such as detergents) that can adversely affect the nails and skin should be avoided. Thermal baths can also be useful for rheumatic diseases.

Ensuring the balance of calcium, following a diet that will strengthen the skin and teeth will also prevent the aging of the capricorn. Care should be taken to remove foods that have a warming, activating and laxative nature. Plants with bitter, spiny and pointed leaves, such as poisonous, comfrey, ragweed, and shepherd's purse, may be useful. Carnation, magnolia, pedian breath, camellia are among the auspicious flowers of Capricorn. Gray and shades, brown and shades are the colors that capricorn can wear more comfortably as an extension of the serious character. Due to the sensitivity of his skin, he must pay attention to the fact that his clothes are made of natural products.

Garnet, obsidian, black amber jewelry and stones, as well as the bullet it will have in its house, will be a source of peace and happiness for the zodiac sign.

Wrestling, boxing, ice skating, skiing, golf, running and mountaineering are the most successful sports branches that capricorn can achieve. However, by exercising, it is necessary to strengthen the bone system and show maximum care to the joints.

Diet & Fitness

Since Capricorn is a pioneering sign, it has an action oriented structure. However, it is a bit heavier than the other Pioneers since it is made of Earth element. So it has a medium rate metabolism. He works for a very long time and steals the time he devotes to his work from his own personal order and order.

Therefore, late evening meals and usually consumed foods cause weight gain easily. Capricorn may be the most beautiful zodiac sign, if it shows the importance it places on its nutrition and personal care. However, as it devotes minimal time and energy to shopping, cooking and exercise, it may not be able to create a healthy system for life.

Capricorn starts to follow a completely different policy only if his personal appearance and well-being are important in business life. A careful food regime will surely reach its ideal appearance with healthy exercises and stubbornness.

Light sports such as jogging and walking, where it can catch the rhythm, is ideal for capricorn. Capricorn, who really loves sports, prefers sports like mountaineering but brings great satisfaction when it reaches its peak.

Bone problems, especially in joints and calcification are very common in Capricorn. Therefore, paying maximum attention to the calcium balance should be the basis of the nutrition regime. This method, also known as heliotherapy, plays a seriously positive role in relieving the internal coldness that capricorn usually feels and strengthening its bones. However, since the other sensitivity of the capricorn is its skin, it would be appropriate to pass the doctor's control before going out to the sun.

Veganism, which is an advanced step of vegetarianism, is very common in Capricorn people. Therefore, in order to keep the body balance healthy and to get rid of excess weight, Capricorn should pay attention to protein.

Gift Selection

Capricorn horoscope woman

You can buy beige, cream or soft pastel colors cashmere blouse, cardigan suit for Capricorn woman. You can choose soft slippers to keep your feet warm on cold winter nights. Capricorn gives importance to the past. You can give her your grandmother's pearl or diamond earrings. She loves antiques. You can get an old-style embroidered bedspread and pillow covers with lace edging next to it. It can be an antique box to put your jewelry on.

Reproductions of famous painters will also like it. It will be a great gift if you find it similar to nostalgic radios. You can give a stylish briefcase, agenda, etc. to the capricorn woman who is fond of her career. If you are going to buy perfume, you should prefer classic French fragrances.

Capricorn horoscope man

Capricorn man will like all kinds of money related gifts such as stocks, treasury bills, mutual funds. You can give him valuable stamps, old coins, or an antique ring. This horoscope gives importance to the status quo, so you should make classic choices from a good store. Trendy things aren't interesting. You can get a classic silk tie, a cashmere sweater, a pair of leather gloves or a pair of sturdy boots.

Most of Capricorn enjoys history. You can choose a book for him about history or work. A chess set made of elephant teeth or a quality bottle of whiskey are some of his gifts. If you can afford it, you will love vintage cars. You can buy tickets for stand up shows and comedy games.