Taurus Horoscope Features

General Features

Ruling Planet: Venus

Element: Earth

Attribute: Fixed

Lucky Numbers: 6, 4

Day: Friday

Color: Pastel Blue, Lilac

Tarot card: Empress

Animal: Bull

Plant: Apple, Cypress, Violet, Poppy

Precious metal: Copper

Positive features:

Practical, reliable. Harmonious, enduring, strong value judgments. Determined. He is fond of art and beauty. Intimate and friendly. Emotional, humanistic.

Negative features:

Lazy. Fond of yourself. Static. Boring. Stubborn. Squeamish. Obsessive. Quick quit.

Taurus female general features

Taurus woman attracts attention with her quiet, calm and haughty stance. It has a realistic and authoritative attitude. It manages to be the center of attention with its mood and attitude in the environments it enters. He is ambitious and does his best to achieve something he dreams of. It depends on your habits.

Taurus woman is emotionally sensitive and fragile. When he cares for someone, he always does his best for him. He doesn't like disloyalty. It looks cold from the outside but has a soft heart. is hardworking and when he starts a job, he takes it to the end.

Taurus woman gives much importance to material comfort. But he does not like to risk himself too much in his works. He is compassionate and helpful, and love and respect are very important to him in heart relations. It is a monogamous and loyal wife. In his spare time he likes to cook, listen to music and deal with handicrafts. It is seen in the power of predicting and appreciating both the material and spiritual values ​​of the artworks rather than its artistic achievements.

Taurus woman is fond of her home.He does not like unrest.

Taurus male general features

Taurus man attracts attention with his stubborn, hardworking, active and calm structure. Under his calm appearance, there is a very active person. When he gets angry, he becomes very stubborn and in no way compromises his thoughts and ideas.

Taurus male is attached to his home and is a harmonious partner. At the same time, he has a warm bond with his children and is a good father. He is so harsh and disciplined. He is very fond of his work. It continues a job it has started until the end.

It has a physically structured and healthy appearance, but the neck area is the weakest. He should take care of his health. Because it is much more sensitive than it looks.

Taurus male is highly appreciated by the opposite sex. He is loyal in his relationships and devoted in every sense. It enjoys luxury and comfort. It is generous, but not extravagant. The most loyal friends come out of the bull men.

Character Features

It is the physical senses that people use the most. Everything he can touch, physically touch, also helps him determine and understand his own reality. For this reason, Taurus is very dependent on his physical resources and the people he thinks he owns. The strongest desire of the taurus is personal safety. Unfulfilled words or betrayal cause this sense of trust to be easily shaken. In these cases, the zodiac sign reacts violently and refuses to give anyone else a chance.

The behavior of a frustrated bull is quite different from its normal state. He pulls his skirt completely from Earth or begins to move on the contrary. Whichever way it goes, the result is sacrificing a relationship or emotional trust that is essential for the sign of the bull.

Taurus is particularly resistant to changes he or she does not want. Taurus people usually finish the work they started in their lives. Tough conditions, patience and fortitude are among the basic features that many people cannot bear. Taurus, the symbol of the zodiac sign, is the true source of this persistence, even stubbornness. On the positive side, the strength and determination of the taurus makes other people trust him. Taurus wants to trust and believe in himself because he does not like to live his life based on another person. The loving and patient bull sign is much more enduring and durable, especially when you are with people you care about, or when you are working on a topic that you care about. In general, he does not like spontaneous changes and surprises. He feels much more comfortable when he has the opportunity to implement what he plans or when he is given time to prepare. It adjusts the signs of the Taurus according to the practical value of what it experiences. It weighs itself emotionally before taking physical action, and tries to determine what it can gain from experience before it is intellectually evaluated.

Taurus is the sign of beauty, love and art. Taurus is a person who is sensitive to physical tastes, has a strong aesthetic value judgments, is keen on personal comfort and comfort, and displays a sensitive character. They have pragmatic approaches in financial matters as well as aesthetic beauty. According to the signs of the bull, the results of reality and accuracy are evaluated with the success and benefits of human actions. He loves nature and everything that is natural. The balance in life material is indexed to the world and realities. Taurus's indulgence in personal tastes and comfort also brings laziness and inertia. Taurus, which has a careful structure, is able to easily stay away from mistakes as well as being able to catch valuable opportunities.

Career Life

Taurus is a reliable, loyal and easy-to-reach employee. Since it is an earth horoscope, its practical side is strong and its feet are on the ground.

The biggest problem of Taurus is about acting. From time to time, the sense of blockage that he feels when starting can reach disturbing dimensions. But it is the only zodiac sign that can finish every work it starts, based on patience and patience even in the most difficult conditions. When it is locked to its purpose, its eyes see nothing else.

Strong aesthetic judgments do not hesitate to use artistic creativity and value judgments even in business life. The behavior of the bull sign, which is stable and can be predicted and measured easily, and whose reactions can be easily predicted, is also manifested in the business life as an extension of these characteristics. As it is a fixed horoscope, it may be difficult to keep up with technological and sociological innovations, especially in older ages. Although it is usually calm and peaceful, it is appropriate to expect violent reactions that have nothing to do with its normal attitude when the vein is pressed or when it reaches the end of patience.

The bull's office is like a reception hall full of comfortable, luxurious objects, where guests are surely entertained with food and drink.

Taurus, who is particularly talented in financial matters, succeeds and works with love in every professional branch of banking and the financial world. Apart from this, the professions such as antiques, the fashion and beauty industry that requires aesthetic sensitivity, jewelery and goldsmiths related to precious stones and mines, and sculpting that require the ability to form, are among the leading choices of Taurus.

Money Status

Taurus is very cautious, patient and planned in financial matters. He is known for his success in identifying and providing the necessary resources to continue the life of the individual in all signs. As a zodiac sign from the soil group, it has improved ability to earn money and survive, as it is prone to production. The bull who has no accumulation may feel unsafe, so he may have mental problems first and then physically. Taurus who does not like to borrow is also uncomfortable with asking for a loan. In order to survive without needing anyone, he creates and uses different resources. No matter how much money Taurus earns, he identifies with his own material resources, but does not like showing off.

Taurus will surely investigate before investing and finds the most suitable system that will be safe and profitable for him first. He never wants to feel his financial anxiety in the financial sense in his life. Its investments are not just about money. Antiques and valuable works of art are among the investment tools. Real estate and land are among the tools that Taurus deems appropriate and do not hesitate to invest. The stock market is an area where the bull wants to stay away, as it carries risks within its body.

Taurus can start spending money after securing himself, his people and his future. Since he is fond of beauty, good clothes, a safe car, a luxurious and beautifully furnished house are the most important elements of spending for the bull. His passion for food and luxury is also the reason why he spends budget for good food in expensive restaurants. Taurus, who is fond of comfort and beauty, does not hesitate to spend money in beauty and care centers. Although it is generally recognized as a handicraft, spending money for their loved ones is one of the means of satisfaction of the taurus. In addition, even if he does not like to share his own resources one hundred percent, he does not hesitate to help people around him to create financial resources intellectually and physically.

Love Life

Even if Taurus is interested, it may take a long time to show this to the other person. Taurus are quite patient people. To be with him, it is necessary to learn to be patient and calm. In the relationship with the zodiac sign, the opposite party should be the one who will often take the initiative.

To be able to initiate a bullfight, a bull expects that the person in front of him expressly enjoys being with him. The appointment given in a restaurant plays an important role in making the atmosphere and food pleasant and easy and positive for the first stage. During the meetings at home, beautiful meals, valuable objects, flowers and candles, as well as romantic music will make the bull burst deeply affected. The bull, who is fond of luxury and material values, begins to be convinced for a long-term relationship when he feels that nothing is worthy of him.

Taurus has a peaceful structure with its strong will and hidden humor. However, uncertainties and sudden changes in mood can cause injury to the relationship.

Taurus is a partner whose dedication and loyalty will never be suspected. Taurus is one of the rare zodiac signs that keep people in love with their hearts and minds anywhere, anytime and keep their love as fresh as the first day. Taurus person is actually quite ambitious and emotional and can live to the fullest with people who value it.

Sex & Sexual Life

Taurus is innately prone to love, sexuality and eroticism. Taurus has a passionate, passionate and active sexuality that can never be understood from his outer appearance. However, as in all areas of life, it is not possible to act easily in this area. He begins to reveal his passions, desires, desires after he receives the approval and trust he needs from his partner.

Taurus is a stable structure that is resistant to change. It does not show that he loves routine in this sexuality, he does not go beyond the rules. However, in order for the new to be experienced, it is the primary condition that he should rely on the person he is with. Nevertheless, it is possible to see the bull sign that is stuck between sexual impulses with the need for security in sexual life.

Taurus is in a structure that is afraid of expressing its desires and desires to the person opposite. However, it does not fall behind using its charm, charm and love games within its own rules. It has a planned, strategically heavy but enjoyable structure that prefers to progress step by step.

As the Taurus are very patient, after they are locked on the target, they try everything possible, all the ways to achieve it for a long time. The bull, who is very impressed by the material comfort and comfort, travels to the heights of his aesthetic sensibility to get the person he wants.

Taurus is usually a sensitive lover. He also thinks about the person in front of him and does his best for his happiness. Still, a bull is very marginal, it would be a mistake to expect different approaches. Moving away from the reassurance of the trial is quite difficult for the bull, even in sexuality.

Health Life

Taurus is often recognized in connection with the substance and its possessions. Serenity and determination are the key words of the character that the taurus gives to the individual. Taurus is linked to the neck region of the head, that is, the neck. Basically, this horoscope dominates the human body, throat, neck, thyroid gland, pharynx, tonsils, upper part of esophagus, vocal cords, ears, eustachian tubes.

Taurus often complains of swelling of the tonsils or angina. The most susceptible diseases can be listed as throat fire, whooping cough, mumps, goiter, abscesses and boils. As a result of the peaceful and heavy movement of the zodiac sign, Taurus generally does not have a great tendency towards physical accidents. Nevertheless, it is necessary to protect the neck bones especially and to take measures against all kinds of rheumatic diseases from an early age.

The unrest in the life of the Taurus and the deterioration of his balance severely affect his physical and mental health.

Taurus generally has a tendency to gain weight very quickly. It is less mobile than other zodiac signs. In order to maintain his physical health and physical beauty, he needs to pay much attention to his nutrition compared to all other zodiac signs. In other words, as the food regime will be accepted as a requirement in daily life, average physical exercise is also a must.

Often bull-like constipation and hemorrhoids also experience digestive system problems. For this, it will be beneficial to apply a diet containing plenty of fluids that will activate the digestive system, equipped with bivalves and grains.

The copper items that the bull will keep at home, the emerald, coral and mossy agate stone it will carry will bring health and good luck. Having a wardrobe made of natural materials such as linen, cotton and wool, which includes colors in nature such as green and brown, makes Taurus happy and healthy. Taurus should also pay attention to the glands and genitals, with the effect from the opposite scorpio.

Diet & Fitness

Taurus, whose senses are very advanced, loves good food, touch, refined scents, good music and sexy. Since she is very fond of her comfort and personal comfort, she does her best to adjust the living conditions accordingly. The body structure of the Taurus is also more suitable for immobility. When the indulgence of sweet food is added to all this, it is inevitable that the Taurus will have a weight problem that he has to deal with throughout his life.

Taurus, who has sensitive senses, can help prepare the proper conditions for him to put himself on a regular exercise program. For example, beautiful exercise clothes, a shower that will be taken with fragrant soaps after music and sports can make the exercise attractive. It is especially beneficial for the Taurus to relax and be willing to enter the sauna and have a massage after sports. Aromatic oils used during massage also helps Taurus to see these activities attractive.

For the bull who love the soil and the green, garden work or outdoor walks are quite attractive. It is very difficult for a taurus person to complain about eating himself. Therefore, it is perhaps the most difficult diet among all zodiac signs and also the bull sign that becomes more desperate when heavy metabolism rate is added to it. However, if the bull, which has a patient and persistent structure, sees that it has started to lose weight even a little, this direction may also proceed. Note that for Taurus, eating at every meal will help to make a regular and controlled diet.

Aromatherapy is one of the alternative techniques that can be used at this point. By boiling herbs or preparing a variety of mixes, bull sign can relax itself by bathing, massage and drinking. The bull's periodic periodically removing meat-derived proteins from its diet, even returning to short-term vegetarian nutrition, while supporting the diet with mineral waters plays an important role in removing the accumulated toxins from the body. Bulls who cannot give up meat completely will benefit partially if they use their preferences for white meat.

Gift Selection

Taurus horoscope woman

Taurus woman's need for perfume never ends, you can easily give her a perfume. You can get fragrant body cream and powder kit. You can send him a basket of violets or lilacs in a crystal vase. A one-day gift voucher from the beauty salon will please him.

If you want to buy clothes, you should prefer natural fabrics. You can choose a nightgown made of white, top quality cotton. Because her skin is very sensitive, you can buy her a black velvet evening dress or a stylish handbag.

At the same time, soft touch scarves and gloves like cashmere and angora will appreciate. Taurus represents the height in the human body, you can give her a pearl necklace. If you want to buy expensive jewelry, its favorite is emerald.

Taurus horoscope man

The sensitive bull man will love the strawberries dipped in chocolate or a daily gift check of the sauna and massage parlor of a luxury hotel. Classic, jazz, opera or rock music concert tickets will be a good gift for Taurus. You can make him very happy by taking him to a quality and stylish restaurant he always wants to go.

You can get a comfortable television seat for him, as the taurus person enjoys spending time at home. You can get new speaker, video, favorite music for the stereo. If you are going to buy clothes, you should get the best quality you can afford, the bull sign attaches great importance to quality. You should choose the softest type that does not stick to the skin or scratch the fabric.

A nice umbrella that is big enough for two people will like it. You can gift a bottle of top quality red wine and imported cheeses in a basket. Since he loves plants, you can buy garden tools if you have plants, trees, or gardens for the workplace.