Leo Horoscope Features

General Features

Ruling Planet: The Sun

Element: Fire

Attribute: Fixed

Lucky Numbers: 5

Day: Sunday

Color: Yellow, Orange

Tarot card: Wheel of Destiny

Animal: Lion, Cat

Plant: Sunflower, Rose, Chrysanthemum, Orchid

Precious metal: Gold

Positive features:

Supreme volunteering. Generosity. Creativity. Paternity. Sacrifice. Superiority. Creativity. Joy. Good organization. Open mind.

Negative features:

Authority. Dictatorship. Tyranny. Fanfare. Snobbery. Not tolerant. Monomania. Force madness. Smugness.

Leo female general features

The sign of the leo attracts attention with its haughty, confident, honest, brave and well-intentioned structure. Honesty is extremely important for the leo sign woman. As soon as he realizes that the other party is lying, he cools and gets away from him.

The zodiac woman loves to act and look different. This sounds like a game to him. It affects people with its sympathetic approach and pleasant conversation rather than femininity. It is alive, energetic and cheerful.

He enjoys meeting different people and making friends with them. But he tries to carefully select the people with whom he has friendship. He doesn't like to get close to everyone. He does not like the use of water in good faith.

The zodiac woman is fond of her independence and does not like to be restrained. He is overly confident and proud. He enjoys working and is very successful in business.

The zodiac sign is generous and equally subtle. He can't easily save money because he spends a lot of money on his ornament and clothing. He loves the best of everything.

The zodiac sign woman is tied to her home and loyal to her husband. He is also very fond of his children. Due to the sense of commanding in it, it can display a rather harsh and disciplined structure.

Leo male general features

The leo man attracts attention with his moderate, intelligent, affectionate, romantic and practical attitude. It is an excellent partner in bilateral relations. The proud leo zodiac man enjoys compliments and compliments. When he gets angry because he is from the fever group, his anger occurs as an explosion. It does not hold a grudge and its anger is temporary.

It is one of the most sought-after and indispensable people of friendly environments with its mobile and cheerful attitudes. He is very fond of comfort and loves luxury. He loves to travel, have fun and engage in social activities.

The leo man is responsible and detailed in his work. He doesn't like taking orders and likes to manage. It can easily affect the environment and become popular. He is very interested in his environment, and because he is merciful, he takes care of the problems of his relatives and friends. The leo man, who is a good listener, is capable of producing practical solutions.

The leo man makes a lot of friends with his friendly attitude and sociable structure. It is romantic. When he loves someone, he becomes a good lover. It is faithful. He enjoys marriage and depends on his home. He becomes a fond and loving father to his children.

The leo man is very successful in business. He's generous, but he's cautious about all kinds of bad situations and loves savings.

Character Features

Leo is the fifth stage in the evolution of the human species and in its adventure to achieve its cosmic position. The dominant motif here is the development of the creative ability of man. For Leo, creativity is not only an emotional need, but also a method of self-expression of the ego. The most pronounced expression of individuality manifests itself in the leo sign as a combination of mind and emotion. In the sign of the leo, if the ego cannot find its starting point, the form of expression, it turns inside and causes the birth of a self-centered, tyranic character. The zodiac sign seeks to draw attention that continues in a conscious or unconscious manner and to be a hero. As a naturally noble leo, he always faces the danger of missing opportunities and earnings in his relations with the environment, as he always thinks he does and knows best. The leo sign, whose creativity has emerged strongly, is generally successful in realizing what is formed in theory.

The Leo sign resists at least as much as the other Fixed signs, against the changes it does not plan. But with its structure that locks on the target instantly and does not hesitate to add the necessary energy and spirit, it usually reaches its purpose. Squeezing a leo sign into the corner, or waiting for it to change its minds, is nothing but anger and anger. Even if the leo sign ego knows that it is wrong, it is strong enough that it will not return in its own way and will not withdraw from its own opinion. Learning to admit that you can make mistakes is perhaps the most important vital need of the zodiac sign. Since this indispensability arises in a way as loyalty or patience in human relations, he becomes a loved and sought-after person. Like the symbol leo, He is the king of his own world. It is perhaps impossible for him to forgive his warm approaches, affection, honesty, or touch his personality. The leo sign, who is interested in many subjects, starts the speeches, gives everyone the right to speak, but again wants to say the last word himself. The physical reactions of the zodiac sign are quite advanced. He prefers to take physical action and act before considering the practical side or value of what he does, looking at what stage he is emotionally involved, and evaluating it logically. As the leo loves the risk and attracts attention, he is satisfied by making interventions on the issues that many people think will not be successful. The tendency to exaggeration and excessive reactions causes her to live life as if she were on a theater stage, and to love the game. From time to time to be in the crises it creates, then to create a solution to itself is an inevitable routine of the daily life of the leo sign.

The zodiac sign is connected to life and the pleasures of life with a deep love. The leo sign, which has an easygoing attitude, gets spiritual satisfaction from helping people in almost every subject. Bonkery, affection, warmth and sincerity are integral parts of the leo sign character. The zodiac sign is a person who is loved in the society and its immediate surroundings and can sometimes become the focus of jealousy. The leo sign, who does not like to share her troubles and troubles, prefers to withdraw her own privacy in such cases to keep her weak side out of sight. Sometimes he likes to be lazy with his structure that loves entertainment and luxury.

Career Life

Safe, energetic, proud leo sign likes to be in the center and to be noticed. As the leadership feature is very strong, it automatically takes the lead in team work. The structure that is curious to take risks is the main reason for the occasional dangerous situations to arise in business life.

The need to be on stage is the main reason why people around him perceive him as a model.

Since he cannot comply with his failure and making mistakes, he is working hard on the road he enters, and he does what he needs, and uses all his energy. Its fair and bonk structure causes it to assume the role of referee in many business relationships. Because he has a strong loyalty, he may want to work in the same company for many years. The creator, who is also strong in creativity, perceives every work and success as a work.

The team that the leo is in or leads is not a luxury to not win. Therefore, people working with the sign of the leo may experience serious problems if they do not perform enough. Or vice versa, anyone who wants to be with the winner makes a special effort to work with the leo sign. The leo sign office is like a king's room. Showy furniture provides status quo rather than comfort. He enjoys displaying all his achievements, awards, and mattresses as well as the leo sign, aries.

Regardless of the industry, the zodiac sign wants to be at the top, in an executive position and really does it successfully. But especially the entertainment sector, the stock market and the speculative field are the arenas where the leo performs with pleasure and success.

Money Status

It is almost impossible to save money for the leo, who loves bongoers, loves luxury and shows off. However, the leo who loves power, tries to maintain the standard as much as possible, as he perceives money as a tool of power. He hates being in needy, although he helps all those who need it without discrimination. In this situation, even the closest of the horoscope to seek help is almost equivalent to losing his life. The leo sign, which keeps its honor and power in front of everything, likes to take risks and sees it natural. Therefore, gambling or fortune-telling games can be listed as the biggest disadvantages that undermine their financial position.

The leo sign, who is very weak against his children, tries to do whatever he wants by using whatever he has. He acts this way because he thinks that the people with him are always worthy of the best. This is a feature that starts with not making people feel the situation even when there are no financial possibilities. So the family of the zodiac sign learns the bad situations last and experiences great shocks. While he is with his friends, the leo sign, which does not allow anyone to put his hand in his pocket, may be late to realize that he is financially abused from time to time. Since the need to be respected and appreciated is intense, he will avoid making social shares by feeling poor and weak when he is free.

A natural risk lover, the leo sign is successful in the stock market and other speculative fields. However, he does not hesitate to take excessive risks, especially after successful steps, and does not know how to stand aside, also causes him to see the edge of the cliff. Real estate exchange and gold exchange are also the areas where the leo sign can be successful. In addition, investing in precious stones and mines will be a suitable choice for the leo sign.

Love Life

Leo loves compliments and appreciation. The most convenient way to win a leo sign is to tell him about his superiors. Under this proud personality that appears on the surface, there is a very sensitive and easily affected structure. Therefore, feeding the ego of the leo sign, expressing appreciation, appreciation, emotions clearly helps facilitate the beginning of togetherness.

In order to gain the trust and appreciation of the leo sign in the first meeting, it is absolutely necessary to pay attention to the fact that everything is the best and the most beautiful. Thinking that he deserves the best, the leo sign cannot be happy with anything ordinary. Intelligent, creative people who can engage in discussions on intellectual issues affect the sign of the leo. But it should always be remembered that the leo likes to share his ideas but will not easily give up his own ideas.

Leo likes to take the lead role. It is the ideal partner for an intense and exciting relationship. Since he cares about loyalty, he also has a jealous and enthusiastic attitude. A true leo sign remains loyal in the relationship, but always needs freedom to seek new adventures.

The leo sign is very attractive to the opposite sex with its creativity and sociality. But it is important to never forget that he was the king of the forests and would like to dominate. When the necessary conditions are met, it is a pleasure to live a happy life with a loyal partner who can do everything for her partner, do not hesitate to show her love.

Sex & Sexual Life

He is a master in loving, warm and friendly leo sign love games. He does not hesitate to show his love, to show his sexual willingness, but he always favors the ropes being in his own hands. Because of its energetic nature, sexuality is one of the cornerstones of life. Leo individuals have a charismatic structure that is extremely attractive sexually. It is not enough for the leo sign to be important only for its partner. He wants to be single and dominate the relationship. However, he usually responds to the monogamy and understanding that he expects, with polygam behaviors.

The leo with deep emotions moves quickly in sexuality and does not hesitate to take the first step. The particularly confident leo sign never thinks about the possibility of the other party's rejection. But the slightest negative reaction causes it to break and return to itself. Once he attempts, if he gets no, he will never come near that person again.

There is a belief that the people who are with him are special, lucky and even chosen. So in sexuality, this is sensitive and thoughtful to the chosen person. He sees his own strength, his own skill and his intolerance with what he gives to the person he is with. As in all areas of her life, she expects obedience from the person she is with in her sexual life. Responding to their wishes plays an important role in avoiding all their enjoyment and disappearing.

Health Life

The enthusiasm for life, vitality and warmth are the key words of the leo sign character. Like the sun in the center of the system, the leo sign is primarily connected with the heart, which is considered the center of the body.

The spinal cord, and especially the dorsal region of the spinal cord, and the coronary systems that feed the heart are also in the domain of the leo sign.

The most common physical ailments of the Leo can be seen in various forms of heart disease. Leo needs to pay particular attention to various cardiac problems and spinal discomfort. In addition to palpitations, high fever, spinal shifts and hernias, they have a higher tendency to epidemics than other horoscopes. It is essential that an average and orderly life lead to the sign of the leo so that it does not tire your vital organ. His curiosity in entertainment and activity can cause extreme fatigue and physical decline. From time to time, excessive devotion to work life, hard work and the stress of daily life can also lead to the bad sign of the leo. Learning not to allow the areas in your life to be affected by each other is one of the most important requirements for the leo sign.

The leo sign needs to stay away from anger and restlessness by ensuring harmony, order and modesty in almost every aspect of your life for perfect health. While avoiding foods that provide heat and stimulate it, giving priority to fat-free, low-cholesterol, blood-making, nutritious foods is the basis of the diet.

Gold, rock crystals, diamonds, diamonds, amber auspicious mines and stones. Carrying them will provide the leo with confidence and calmness. Tea and medicines prepared with herbs such as anglen, St. John's wort, yellow chamomile, freesia, marigold, rosemary, psoriasis and saffron will bring health to the leo sign. Remarkable and modern outfits with yellow and shades help the leo to feel good and relax.

The zodiac sign should not choose the types of sports, which will not exhaust the heart, but will help him maintain the necessary condition. It is important to keep his blood pressure under control in all kinds of sports activities. Leo people are very successful and happy in team sports, in all kinds of activities that require setting up rules and setting rules. It should also pay attention to the circulatory system and the lower part of the legs, with its opposite sign, the effect from the aquarius sign.

Diet & Fitness

The metabolic rate of the leo sign, which is a warm-blooded sign, is at medium levels. Although it is a fever, it has a constant nature, which causes the metabolism to remain at medium levels. Frequent aerobic exercises and a low-fat diet are the basic requirements for keeping the heart of the leo heart intact. It is extremely pleasing for the leo sign to be present especially in the name-based exercise halls, to exercise in groups. He also gets serious satisfaction in team games, especially when he is in the lead position.

In addition, a fitness program under the supervision of a private teacher and completely prepared for him is also ideal for the leo sign. In addition, tennis and golf, which are described as status sports, also give the leo a great pleasure. The leo sign needs to strengthen its back and spine, which are sensitive body parts. Brisk walks or Yoga exercises will be very suitable for this purpose. Not outside, but with the Yoga he will do in his privacy, the leo sign feels serious relief and renewal.

The leo sign, who likes to be served, prefers to eat out. So this is the biggest factor in unhealthy nutrition. Fast food is not very suitable for its nature. However, his indulgence in entertainment and his inability to make an effort to cook sometimes cause the inevitability of this method. Since the entertainment life is very prominent, natural consumption of alcohol can also increase, so it needs a serious control mechanism. Otherwise, obesity and other health problems can be caused by alcohol.

The leo sign hates illnesses as it feels weak, inadequate and in need. The alternative medicine system known as Homeopathy is extremely suitable for the protection of the leo and also for the treatment of diseases.

Protein-based diets are ideal for leo sign. Especially grilled meat, fish and chicken should be the basis for the leo sign. In this diet, which may also include cheese and yogurt, the leo sign can drop to the desired weight without consuming any carbohydrates and sugar. However, this diet, which should not be made for a long time, should not be applied at an advanced age.

Gift Selection

Leo horoscope woman

Whatever you buy it, you should get the best, the most stylish, the best quality you can afford. You can get a black evening dress or a gold shimmer knit blouse and cardigan set. Silk will especially love satin underwear. Two tickets to a stylish ball gown with a costume will be a gift for him. You can send two dozen red roses to the leo sign woman. With its elegant packaging, you will like an imported box of chocolate or a basket of imported cheese, tea and jam mix.

Leo wants to be a star, you can buy him a brand of glasses of his choice. Unlike the Aquarius, she loves to wear fur, even a jacket with a fur collar will please her. You can gift a chic silk scarf, a crystal bottle for perfume, a gold-plated box for powder, or an expensive fountain pen to write love letters. You can buy a small stereo for the workplace for Leo, who loves to listen to music while working.

If you are going to buy jewelery, you can choose a necklace and earrings set or a diamond stone bracelet. The favorite stone is ruby ​​stone.

Leo horoscope man

You can enjoy the leo sign together by buying a bottle of champagne and two crystal glasses of champagne. Leo loves the luxury. You can make him very happy by buying plenty of caviar. You can surprise him by reserving a place in one of the best restaurants. If you have the opportunity to rent a limousine for three or four hours or take it on a helicopter tour, it can be delightful.

You will love to have a musical or a game from the front. An accessory for his car or a new stereo is one of the gifts he will love. You can get him a box of cigars and a golden lighter. If you buy a silver box that you can put your business cards on and print the initials, it will be a special gift that you will like. Leo loves original rarities, so she loves all kinds of works of art.

If there is a Club it desires to become a member, you can save your money and make it a member. You can buy a computer game console, as it always has a childish side.