Virgo Horoscope Features

General Features

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Element: Earth

Attribute: Variable

Lucky Numbers: 6

Day: Wednesday

Color: Yellow, Green

Animal: All Housewives

Plant: Narcissus

Precious metal: Mercury

Positive features:

Friendship. Attention. Mastery. Friendlyness. Cleaning. Rigor. Humility. Clothing curiosity. Account head. Humorous speech. Good will.

Negative features:

Hypochondriac. Officious. Hasty. Extreme criticism. Prissy. It doesn't like easy. It is closely tied to traditions. Fanatical.

Virgo female general features

Virgo woman is responsible, idealistic, ambitious, kind, detailed and sensitive. It is meticulous and attracts attention with its structure that pays attention to the smallest details. He enjoys spending time at home.

Virgo is loved by her friends with her pleasant temperament and she has many friends. His sense of humor is highly developed.

Virgo woman is hardworking and determined. He fulfills his responsibilities to the fullest. He makes every effort to succeed. Due to its practicality, it can intervene instantly. On the other hand, it has a touchy structure. It can be easily hurt and cannot forgive the person with whom it strikes. He is not spiteful but he cannot forget it immediately.

The clever Virgo woman solves problems in the most logical way. The sense of justice and compassion has been greatly improved. Becomes a loyal and understanding partner in bilateral relations. He is a perfectionist and takes care of his relationship. He can be happy until the end of his life with a compassionate and loving man who offers him life in a pleasant way. He loves children and educates them in the best way. Being able to control life gives him confidence.

Virgo male general features

The Virgo man attracts attention with his stubborn, meticulous, detailed and logical structure. He has a pleasant and caring temperament. He always pays attention to being well-groomed and nice. He is ambitious and hardworking. He's frugal about money.

Virgo can criticize the negativities around the man without losing his word. He likes to criticize. It is extremely straightforward. Though it is thoughtful, it tells things that you do not like directly and clearly and can be offensive. Cleaning is very important to him. Sometimes he can be overly meticulous.

It exhibits a cheerful and lively character. It can easily cope with problems. Success is a must for him. He does not like disorder and discipline. He enjoys everything in his place.

Virgo gives the man as much importance as kindness to kindness and gentleness in the opposite sex. He is afraid to fall in love, but when he loves, he becomes a loyal man. He wants to be friends with the person he loves. He becomes a thoughtful and respectful wife in marriage. Although he is not very fond of children, he will be a good and responsible father.

Character Features

Virgo is the sixth stage of human evolutionary progress and its universal development. In Leo, the main purpose is the development of human individuality and creativity. Virgo is the discovery of individual talents and learning how to use them in the most useful and productive way. For this reason, Virgo is recognized as a service sign. Many Virgoes achieve both success and satisfaction with the professions they acquire in fields such as education, health sector.

Virgo is often devoted to helping other people, but if its service is not accepted or ignored, it tends to show itself as being wasted to attract people's attention and emotionally cooperate. While Virgo's help helps direct people to perfectionism, it forms the basis of the problems in human relations.

The adaptation power of the variable virgo bush is high. This feature, which is an enormous advantage when viewed in a vital sense, can cause virgo deformations due to human relationships. Virgo is instinctively sensitive to other people's needs and wants. Ignoring their own situation and needs, the tendency to adapt to that of other people may cause the Virgo to diverge from its own truth.

Virgo, the symbol of which is the holy virgin, is indeed quite shy. She can leave herself when she believes that she will live her perfect partner and perfect relationship. Having an idealistic and detailed structure, Virgo has difficulties in completing its projects and the works it started. Choosing to be behind the scenes or in the kitchen of the business, Virgo performs much better when it is not on the eyes.

The practical value of their experience is of prime importance for Virgo. Before the physical response, evaluating his feelings, and logic at the intellectual level, the Virgo looks at the practical advantages of each experience. Sharing their experiences with other people and putting them into their use is typical of Virgo.

Communication has an important place in the life of the Virgo, but generally the Virgo people are not as talkative as a Gemini. Virgo is keen on books, magazines and writing. In other words, activities that can be done while alone are important in the life of the Virgo. He becomes a good researcher and academician with his ability to organize, critical view, scholastic style and attention to detail.

Developing everything he does, every person around him, and all kinds of relationships are among the basic virgo signs. Sometimes he uses his perfectionism as an excuse for laziness and immobility. This is a trend that is mostly found in sporadic, unorganized virgo fleeing production. Although Virgo is prone to self-criticism, sometimes he cannot accept to see his own mistakes. Thanks to his analytical abilities, he can plan and organize something from start to finish, and put the theory into practice without skipping the slightest detail. Virgo also welcomes compliments and applause with suspicion and distrust, as he does not value much what he does, and believes that he can always be better.

Career Life

Virgo individuals like to analyze, cut into small pieces and reach the result in these ways. Virgo, whose intelligence level is quite high, wants to serve other people by producing practical solutions. Although it is not seen very clearly, Virgo, which cannot be satisfied with the second good, does its best to be successful in business life and to bring what it does to perfection.

Virgo in the earth element becomes a channel for practical, realistic and achievable goals in business life. Understanding his responsibilities very well, Virgo is noticed in his professional life with his organizational talent and detail. The biggest disadvantage of Virgo is that it is not satisfied with anything that is not perfect and acts as if no performance has been achieved. That is why it seriously wears out its own nervous system, as well as those with whom it works, and has problems in human relationships.

Virgo is a benevolent colleague. He transfers whatever he knows to the people he works with without being asked. Due to its analytical structure, it brings unique solutions to original problems and gives the keys to success to its team. However, it takes time to adopt, until its critical structure is understood and accepted by the people with whom it works.

Virgo's office is very tidy, perhaps resembling a library or a hospital room. Virgo, who can not start without putting everything in its place, pays attention to hygiene and cleanliness in the office as much as at home. Virgo, which is very good with numbers and numbers, is extremely successful in accounting. Apart from that, the service sector, the health and care sector are the areas where they can be successful and show themselves.

Money Status

Unlike the Leo, the Virgo does not like to take risks, step into anything intangible. The relations with the Virgo, which is a soil element, are quite balanced and stable. Virgo, which sees working and producing as the purpose of life, does not fail to take solid steps as it acts by seeing the details. Virgo, who constantly calculates, acts by considering yesterday, today and tomorrow. As he generally has an anxious structure and a tendency to negative, he thinks that bad days are near, he saves money and tries to keep himself safe. By making very fine calculations, it successfully applies the investment system that provides the best profit.

With the help of his analytical ability, he behaves very strategically and economically in his investments. The investment method in which Virgo is most prone is to accumulate money in the bank and receive interest. As it is generally against waste, it has an economical and minimizing style in consumption. Earning money by working hard, Virgo is not keen on luxury consumer goods, brand clothing or places that have made a name. Virgo, who has a simple life like his personality, likes to serve others as well as helping financially.

The greatest expenditures of the Virgo zodiac sign, which gives great importance to health and cleanliness, are in this area. Health insurance is a basic requirement in the life of the Virgo so that he can financially balance the doctor's controls, which he often goes to. The fastest consumed material in home life is for cleaning and hygiene. Virgo, which has a realistic approach to money, does not hesitate to spend it if it really needs it. In fact, although he likes good things, his ability to rank his priorities is the main reason for his self-sufficiency and survival even in his bad days.

Love Life

Members of the Virgo love people who have the ability to speak well. Virgo wants to communicate, intelligent, intellectual and calm people around him. In order to lay the foundation for a togetherness that can go forward, it is necessary to choose to meet with Virgo in a calm and quality place. Considering the selectivity of Virgo, a restaurant with healthy food, quiet, calm and romantic music is quite suitable. Virgo is quite interesting and can easily discuss any subject, especially a person who is very prone to intellectual shopping. But he doesn't like talking about private, confidential issues, sharing secrets, and revealing problems from the very first days.wqdwq

It is not possible for the Virgo to appreciate or glorify from the first day. Its critical nature is satisfied only after being sure of the facts, measuring and mowing and undergoing a rigorous assessment. However, if any idea or advice is asked from the Virgo, he shares all he knows about the subject.

Virgo makes very careful plans. Financial security and personal development have an important place in life. Relationships that start immediately and develop rapidly, like excessive spending, bother them. Often they take care to choose spouses with practical and attainable goals.

Once Virgo finds the person he believes is worth sharing his life, he will always try to be loyal to him and want to make him happy. Only responsible, sensitive and intellectually strong people can understand the love of a Virgo. Even if it is not easily understood from the outside, the virgo is quite warm, sincere and honest. Having won her heart once, she finds herself in a temperature and transmissiveness that she can never forget.

Sex & Sexual Life

Virgo, identified with sexuality, is actually not very suitable for this feature. Because of being an earth element, the senses and feelings of Virgo are also very developed. However, the Virgo is indeed less active in the sexual sphere than the other zodiac signs. Usually virgo, which shows a cold and distant style, prefers to stay away from sexuality as it has a perfectionist structure.

Due to its structure that thinks, plans and analyzes everything long, it does not like speed, suddenness and spontaneous adventures in sexuality. Since it does not want sexuality to take up a lot of space in its life and to be a factor that creates problems, it has a structure that prefers monogamy. When he wants to be with someone, he gives time to both him and the person in front of him. Detailing, which is one of the most prominent features of Virgo, also manifests itself in sexuality. It will not make any sense to anyone else, small details have a great role in sexual stimulation and willingness.

Virgo believes that there should be a mental exchange even in sexuality. The fact that his sexual partner is also intellectually strong has an important role in stimulating the Virgo. He is not afraid to reveal his limits, set rules and insist on enforcement. Virgo, a thinking person, always tries to see sexual risks and adjust their behavior accordingly.

Health Life

It is the Virgo that gives importance to health, cleanliness, hygiene and nutrition. Virgo signs himself to the doctor or hospital in the slightest physical illness. Detail and attention are the main characteristics of the assimilation virgo. Virgo dominates the body, on the abdomen, intestines, spleen, central nervous system. Mainly, the twelve intestines and the peritoneum are under the sign of the sign of the sign.

Since Virgo attaches great importance to details, and its perceptions are very strong, its nervous system is also very sensitive. Diseases related to intestinal and abdominal functions, ulcers, colitis, inflammation of the abdomen, appendicitis, constipation, constipation, malnutrition and intestinal disorders resulting from it, all kinds of psychosomatic diseases are very common in the virgo. In addition to the nutrition, hygiene and cleanliness of the Virgo, attention to mental calm makes the time and energy to feel good.

Nutritional regimens are an important factor in keeping healthy for Virgo. It is very easy to bother when you don't take your meals regularly, don't eat well cooked meals. It is beneficial for Virgo to give priority to a cereal-based diet in terms of operating and finishing the intestines. It is said that a vegetarian diet will be beneficial for virgo people. Strong drinks, tomato paste and spices should be avoided.

The use of jewelry made with stones like yellow topaz and agate will bring peace and health to the virgo and gemini. will help strengthen the nervous system of the sign.

Taba, light brown, very pale green clothing and decoration give calm to the virgo.

Sports branches that will satisfy mental as well as physical activity are suitable for virgo. Along with bodily activities such as long walks, outdoor activities, aerobics, cultural physics, alternative techniques such as yoga and meditation help to find peace and tranquility.

Diet & Fitness

Although Virgo is a soil element, it has a very high metabolic rate with the additives it brings. The digestive system, especially the intestines, is the body area where the virgo is the most problematic. Therefore, meditation and exercise are essential requirements to remove spasms and balance nervous and digestive systems. Although it is soil, the virgo tends to be thinner and even smaller.

It is unlikely that the Virgo's relief will ease itself, almost from birth to death. Virgo, who likes to be productive and to keep himself busy, is constantly in stress because he is not satisfied with his work. In addition, the importance it places on health, cleanliness, hygiene and order is also very effective in the growth of stress and anxiety from time to time.

Virgo is one of the zodiac signs that should pay much attention to nutrition. A diet with as much fresh vegetables and fruits as possible is ideal for a virgo. In fact, since most of the virgoes tend to be vegetarian, a meatless regime is not at all difficult for the virgo. However, the Virgo bush, which is very prone to iron deficiency, should also be cautious about this issue. Virgo, which can be very well organized, is put into practice from the moment he decides to lose weight. When Virgo decides to lose weight because it is prone to going and going at extremes, it can put itself in full swing. Or by exercising excessively, it can cause serious physical problems. The most suitable sports are cycling, walking and ground gymnastics.

Medicines, foods and beverages made from herbs and spices are perfectly suitable for Virgo. This method, also known as phytotherapy, helps the virgo to maintain its daily health and is supportive in regimens to lose weight. Counting calories, calculating the vitamins, protein and even trace elements it contains is extremely enjoyable for the virgo. Therefore, the Virgo bush, which implements a calorimeter regime suitable for the weight it wants to lose, reaches the physical appearance it desires, whenever it wants.

Gift Selection

Virgo horoscope woman

Virgo woman enjoys working with her hands. You can get him a month of piano lessons, pottery, and sculptures. Since he loves to analyze everything, you can get a character analysis by mapping the star.

An accessory for the desk is a good choice, as he spends long hours in his office. If he does not have a computer, he will be very happy with a new computer. Since Virgo is a communicator, the virtual environment is just for him. You can get a one-year internet subscription. You can provide a ten-hour lesson with a private coach from a sports club to the Virgo woman who loves to keep fit. A fitness tool that you will buy to do sports at home will be very useful.

The stone of Virgo is jade. A jade pendant and a ring will bring good luck to it. You can get a colorful, elegant silk scarf that will color your black coat. If you are going to buy her a blouse, you should choose something in natural colors, cashmere or silk. A classic white shirt of good-grade cotton or silk fabric is always a favorite. Navy blue jacket, silver hair brush and mirror set will be the gifts for the Virgo woman who wants to make sure that she always looks well-groomed, will be a big mirror for her bedroom. You can present a leather file, agenda or business bag to the Virgo, who loves classic things.

Virgo horoscope man

If you gift a hard-working Virgo man to his laptop, he can continue working anywhere, anytime, even while running. Virgo people need constant communication. If you can get new machines from which you can fax from anywhere, it will do all the office work and communicate.

Virgo loves to read the man very much, you can buy him a reading lamp on the table. You can gift the newly released headphones to free your hands while talking on the phone. If you buy a few months of membership for a sports club, you will be very pleased with the Virgo male who cares about his health and takes care to stay fit. A small vacuum cleaner will be a good choice for his car because he loves working with his hands, and because his hand drill is clean and meticulous. Likewise, the tool box or electric shoe polisher will work great.

Virgo is a man intelligent and intellectual, adores books and puzzles. You can give a gift voucher from a good bookstore. You can get a new and interesting computer program. Especially if you add an article about that program that you have cut and stored, it will be very affected.