Aries Horoscope Features

General Features

Ruling Planet: Mars

Element: Fire

Attribute: Pioneer

Lucky Numbers: 1, 9

Day: Tuesday

Color: Red

Tarot card: Emperor

Animal: Sheep

Plant: Geranium, Honeysuckle, Pars Lily

Precious metal: Iron

Positive features:

Pioneering and adventure spirit. Entrepreneurship. Creativity. Target orientation. High energy. Struggling and free spirit. Leadership. Honesty. Ready answer. Buoyancy.

Negative features:

Egoism. Breaking decisions. To put forward, to push forward. Sarcastic, rebellious. Hasty. Attacker. Fierce, sudden exits

Aries female general features

Aries woman draws attention with her mobile, talkative and entrepreneurial structure. It is quite humorous. It is attractive, athletic and delicate. He always expresses criticism and things he doesn't like. It attracts attention with its attraction and difference in the society.

Aries woman is very ambitious and idealistic in her business life. He definitely wants to realize what he puts in his mind and goes on the road he draws without surprise. He knows how to use time and is hardworking. Aries woman is an entertaining friend who is sought after in a friendly and sympathetic manner. It is a bit uneasy and restless inside. She criticizes herself very much and she struggles with herself as if she is always in a race. He cares a lot about his friends and loved ones and is very self-sacrificing.

Negative criticism can overcome it because its emotional structure is quite sensitive. He is very fond of his home and his family, and he is a perfectionist in this regard as in every subject.

The aries sign woman who likes to be active always enjoys social activities, sports and spending time with her friends.

Aries male general characteristics

Aries men are noticed in society with their confident, active and energetic structure. He is authoritarian and enjoys establishing authority. He is upright and does not want to accept it when he makes a mistake and shows selfish behavior.

Aries are very fond of men freedom. There is nothing he can not do for his friends and friends. He likes to help people and share their problems. He is generous and likes to be free financially. It is much more attractive for them to start and run their own business. They do not like taking orders from others.

When Aries man hurt, he becomes quite hurtful and does not mind his word. He can criticize with harsh language. She is very fond of her home life and her family, but she also loves her life outside. This is due to its unstable moving structure. He always wants to feel peaceful and comfortable at home.

Character Features

Aries is the first sign. Therefore, it represents new beginnings and birth. Aries are a natural, instinctive, fresh, pure and life-loving structure. The raw energy of life instinct is the most basic characteristic feature of aries sign people. Babies see themselves at the center of life and the universe. However, as they grow older, they begin to understand that they are not in the center, they are part of the family they live in. Understanding that it is not at the center of the universe or life may take time to accept that it is part of a wider social system. It is possible to see a more demanding and childlike manner of aries, which do not develop such maturity. The aries sign, which has almost no tolerance for his requests, is also very impatient with time. The aries sign, which generally has a self-centered attitude, may have difficulties in understanding and responding to other people's needs. They identify their purpose, lock on the target, and do their best to succeed. They have an attacking, fighting, indispensable structure like the aries sign, which is truly a symbol.

The indispensability of the target can also manifest itself in the form of persistence from time to time. The fact that he likes to be a leader, does not hesitate to use initiative, does not want to compromise on what he knows, is the main source of problems in human relations. Aries is in the habit of reacting physically to everything he experiences in life. In other words, before measuring the value of what they are doing, discriminating their true feelings, evaluating them in a logical manner, a flammable, then it calms down and starts asking the necessary questions and conducting research.

Their passionate nature causes them to mobilize and drag people around them. However, in cases where they do not get attention from the other side, it is possible that they may feel angry or lose their interest completely. The individuals of the aries sign, which symbolizes the war and struggle, are so hasty and impatient that they can ignore the need to provide the necessary equipment from time to time in their war. Despite being angry and angry very quickly, they never manage to hold a grudge. Their anger and anger are like the flame of straw, it shines and disappears instantly. This is one of the most important positive features of the people of Aries. Thus, they naturally prevent the prolongation of the problems they experience in human relations.

Aries has a pioneering spirit and never miss an experience with its energetic nature. With its extremely enthusiastic, optimistic and friendly nature, it is like a source of energy that activates other people in daily life. Being in an ongoing physical activation helps to eliminate excess energy and thus to be more productive in the intellectual sense. The energetic aries sign does not hesitate to get under the projects that many people are afraid of starting. But often there are aries signs at the beginning of many incomplete projects. Being easily distracted, losing interest and not being able to withstand the details is the biggest factor in the end of the attempts. Although intense physical energy is associated with the aries sign; When the aries sign cannot find friends who can adapt to him or a partner to support himself, he loses motivation. Staying away from physical activity can cause your productivity to drop, become a depressed mood, and gain weight.

Career Life

Aries people like competition and playing in life and business. Because they hate losing, they are usually on their way to being a winner. When they compete, they are thrown forward.

Since the sign of Aries has a leadership feature, he does his best to progress in his profession and reach the upper levels. He does not hesitate to use the initiative given to him in sub positions until the end and sometimes even change the rules. Aries from the fire elimination is always ready to fight.

Although it is a diplomatic and self-centered structure, the aries also closely deals with the motivations and performances of the people around him. It does its best to mobilize everyone. For aries, who loves adventure and movement, routine work, long meetings are quite boring. He can't wait to start the project right in front of him, and move on to the next one. The aries sign, who tends to work for many years, wants his retirement too late and keeps his interest alive by setting the rules on new projects and initiatives.

The office of Aries is like a museum, where it displays its success certificates, cups and mattresses. Sportsmanship, military service, surgery, sports coaching, policing, engineering, dentistry, and butchery are the most suitable professions for aries sign. However, in any sector, aries sign easily reaches the management steps with his natural venture ability and leadership characteristics.

Money Status

Aries loves enough to gamble on his own life and life. Making new investments and making money in risky ways as it has an entrepreneurial spirit helps the aries sign to be spiritually satisfied and develop self-confidence. Being small, it is a motivation factor in business life, as it allows you to be in your own business, to be the boss, to protect your freedom and satisfy your need to act.

Making savings is quite difficult for a aries sign. Continuous search for innovation causes openness to new ideas, diversification and growth of expenditures. The basic requirement of the aries is to implement an investment plan from an early age where it can control and secure its future. The energy surplus of Aries creates negative effects in its initiatives and beginnings. The ongoing quest, the longing for the better causes the projects to be unfinished, to finish, and to start a new one. This is an important factor in financial losses. When Aries does not act impulsively, he does not waste money in vain. However, sometimes the blindness of the eye also manifests itself in financial matters. For example, a red sports car can be an unbearable reason for spending money.

Regardless of the financial constraints, if the aries is determined to be his own boss, he will do his best to put this plan into practice. The aries sign, which has no material structure, tends to act decisively in making sacrifices and making sacrifices in order to achieve its goals. Although success is not always achieved in the first attempt, the aries sign is not delayed to start again by renewing his motivation. However, because I have a centrist structure, from time to time, locking to the target may cause it to ignore other responsibilities and financial obligations, thus leaving people with whom it lives in difficult situations. Blindness can also endanger the safety of the family and other people under its responsibility. Its competitive nature helps it easily fend off barriers to success and retain its energy from start to finish.

Love Life

Aries sign compliments love free and lively people. It has an extroverted and active structure. In order to be with a ram, it is necessary to consider being sleepless until late, keeping in mind that it is full of energy and love excitement.

The differences in these areas attract the attention of the aries sign, whose intellectual capacity is also highly developed. It has an attack and passionate structure. Also, since the horoscope can be jealous in love, he wants his partner to spare most of his time, if not completely.

The aries enjoys asking for something, guiding the person he is with, guiding and giving reason. Generally, his advice and ideas are very clear, without any doubt. As he is very honest and open-hearted, he shares his feelings and ideas with his wife comfortably and sincerely.

The best way to end the relationship with a aries is to give him orders and try to dominate him. Especially in love, this type of approach hates the zodiac sign. A commanding style in bilateral relations prevents the aries sign from listening to others, let alone fulfilling these requests. With an independent spirit, aries are actually very reliable, loyal and excited wives.

Sex & Sexual Life

Aries also have a very aggressive structure, as the aries start up and are very successful in the enterprise. It is one of the basic requirements for the aries sign, which generally has a centripetal structure, to learn to give as much as it gets in a sexual relationship.

The aries, who loves changes, innovations and adventure, will soon begin to enjoy a routine sexual life. Therefore, he expects the person he is with to have as much imagination and mobility as sexuality.

If the individuals of Aries sign sexually want the person they are facing, there is not much left to do. Whether she is a woman or a man, the aries will do everything to be with the person she wants to be with.

Aries, which tend to act like a sexual hunter in particular, may start to get bored or even aggressive in the coming minutes. The aries sign, who does not like to be rejected, may sometimes be insensitive to his partner, since his own wishes come to the fore.

As in all spheres of life, aries do not want to abandon the initiative in sexuality. It holds the strings from the first minute to the end of making love.

Sexual, relaxing, relaxing and enjoyable experience for the aries, who is a very hot lover, makes him confront once again with his own skills. Aries are in a structure that prefers to go to sleep immediately, as they discard excess energy after sexuality.

Health Life

Intense self-confidence and energy are the key words of their physical and spiritual character. The aries sign anatomically govern the head, brain, skull and face in the body.

Aries is prone to irritation and shine very quickly. This feature can cause the nervous system to wear out. Flares, accidents and rashes are the most prominent ailments. Adolescent pimples can continue to manifest themselves even after the age of 30. Reasonless headaches and migraine are common in Aries.

Its hectic and hasty nature and carelessness also lead to minor accidents and bleeding in daily life. It is especially necessary to carefully protect the head area. It is strongly recommended to protect yourself from the sun in hot summer days.

In order to balance both physical and nervous health, the aries need a regular sleep system, rest, relaxation massage and baths. It should remove animal foods from its kitchen as much as possible by giving importance to the type of nutrition that will strengthen the brain and immune system. The presence of iron items in the house of the Aries brings peace of mind. In addition, rubies, garnets, jade stones are auspicious stones that will protect the aries of both bodily and spiritually.

Tea and home-made medicines, which have a red color, pointed leaves and burning taste, prepared with mustard, black pepper, anemone, mulberry, garlic, devil turnip, stinging nettle, and laurel, also play an important role in protecting health.

Wearing brightly colored clothing, especially using something red as an accessory, helps the aries sign to refresh and feel good.

All kinds of physical activity are of great importance in life since the sign of Aries is excessive. However, what should be done in the open air should be more preferable as it will also provide spiritual calmness.

It is necessary to pay attention to the kidneys and lumbar regions with the reflex effect, which is the opposite sign, and that originates from the sign.

Diet & Fitness

The metabolism rate of the person of Aries is extremely high. Since it has a dense accumulation of energy, it wants to do everything very quickly and acts fast.

Usually this speed and haste prevent weight gain. Aries are quite muscular and have a low-fat body structure. However, it is still true that it may need physical corrections from time to time. Its haste is also manifested in getting the results of diets and exercises. Sometimes, however, it may be difficult to keep up with the body's fast spirit.

All kinds of activities, where the competition is experienced, and the sports and sports branches, where it can stand out and show itself, will be extremely satisfactory for the aries sign. He feels relaxed and relaxed after consuming a lot of energy after a hard workout. Martial arts, windsurfing, skating, football, basketball, boxing, wrestling and gymnastics are the most successful sports. Usually, aries with a high body temperature consume a significant amount of fluid. Spicy foods are also an integral part of the diet.

The easiest and most successful slimming method for Aries is through Acupuncture. Acupuncture needles to be worn in the ear can serve as a perfect stress reliever and calming for the aries sign in the hands of a real expert.

Aries can not constantly diet because the person does not have a patient structure and does not like routine. Paying attention to daily fluid consumption, consuming spice and fatty foods as much as possible will play an important role in eliminating the need for strict diet for the aries sign. In addition, if there is a situation that necessarily requires dieting, the only food regimen that will be made at intervals will be suitable and will answer for the aries sign.

Gift Selection

Aries horoscope woman

Aries governs the mind in the human body. You can get a high quality hair brush or nice accessories for her hair. You can give a gift voucher to get makeup or facials from a beauty salon. She will love makeup and skin care products.

You can buy racing bikes and skates to satisfy your excitement. Since he is a good poker player, you will like playing cards. You can buy an exciting movie or documentary videotape, dvd.

You can organize a crowded surprise party for the aries sign woman who loves to attract attention. You can prepare lots of spicy sauces and chips as he likes spicy foods. If you want to buy jewelry, her favorite stone is diamond, tiny earrings or a ring with a diamond stone will be very appreciated. She loves silk or satin underwear, you should choose shades of red or pink.

Aries horoscope man

Aries is the fire sign that governs cutting tools, iron and fire. You can surprise your Aries man with a stylish pocket knife, knife or barbecue set. Aries may need a leather briefcase or a calculator because they are always looking for new jobs. You can gift a cactus for his office.

It is a match ticket because it enjoys competitive sports, you can even buy a Harley Davidson motorcycle if you have a lot of money. If you get a war game that your aries can play on your computer because the warriors are the sign, you will have the opportunity to try your own strength and enjoy it.

Aries men are brave, durable and pioneering. If you buy him a pair of cowboy boots, he will feel like a cowboy in the Marlboro ad and will be very much enjoyed.