Scorpio Horoscope Features

General Features

Ruling Planet: Pluto and Mars

Element: Water

Attribute: Fixed

Lucky Numbers: 2, 4

Day: Wednesday

Color: Dark red, wine, eggplant purple

Tarot card: Death

Animal: Scorpio and other underground creatures

Plant: Acacia, Chrysanthemum, Azalea

Precious metal: Plutonium

Positive features:

Confidant. My feelings don't show up. True friend. Charming. Strong. Sex symbol. Hardworking. Determined. do not forget. Strong intuition. Strong emotions. High imagination. Understanding. Careful. It has high analysis power. Love. Regret.

Negative features:

Spiteful, skeptical, jealous, touchy, upright-headed, speechless, like a scorpion, poisonous. cynical, self-centered, passionate

Scorpio female general features

Scorpio woman attracts attention with her attractive, determined, ambitious, smart and intuitive structure. He has a pleasant temperament, although he looks humble and soft-headed, he is also haughty and arrogant.

Jealousy is in the temperament of the scorpio woman. He can be jealous of everything that is superior to him or not. Their friendship is very important to him. He always has influential friends around him. He hates lying. As soon as he feels that he is told to lie, he prefers to move away from that environment. It is honest and places great emphasis on honesty.

The proud scorpio woman absolutely does not compromise on the things she knows right. It does not accept failure in any way. The most negative aspect is that it is skeptical. He approaches everyone with strange skepticism. It doesn't easily trust the other party. Although he acts with his logic, he is very emotional inside.

The Scorpio woman does not forget about the good or the bad. The sense of revenge is very developed. He does not prefer to remain silent against malicious people around him.

The Scorpio woman attracts the opposite sex with her natural charm. In a relationship, he primarily cares about love and respect. He is extremely jealous and overwhelms his wife. If the man takes a respectful and loving approach, the scorpio will do everything he can to make his wife happy. The sense of ownership is greatly improved.

Scorpio can be happy for a lifetime with a man who loves women with love. He has responsibility in his relationship. She usually does not want children in the relationship, but if she has children, she will be an excellent mother responsible.

Scorpio male general features

Scorpio man attracts attention with his desire, determined, emotional and sensitive structure. Although it seems cheerful and active, it has a pessimistic state. He is overly fond of life's pleasures. It is particularly vulnerable to food, alcoholic beverages and sexuality.

The Scorpio man has skeptical attitudes towards everyone and everything. He doesn't trust anyone easily. Gives much importance to the money. Because he thinks that the power acquired in the financial sense gives confidence.

Scorpio male who likes to criticize does not like being criticized. It is straightforward and reliable. He cares about his friends very much.

The Scorpio man's gaze is very effective. He can easily express his feelings and thoughts to the other side with his gaze. He can understand and interpret all the details of the people around him. Analysis ability has improved.

He is quite jealous in his bilateral relations and he overlooks his wife. He wants to be proud of his wife. When she decides to get married, she will be a desire, passionate, loyal and harmonious partner who tries to fulfill all her spouse's wishes. The Scorpio man will be a good wife, as well as a loving and good father to his children.

Character Features

The basic motif of the sign of Scorpio is to solve the mysteries of the life and death cycle, and to understand and control human emotions. Although Scorpio is not curious about the mysteries of life and death, they are definitely interested in mysteries at some point in their lives. They have a great curiosity towards the vital mechanism of everything, especially people. Their physical and spiritual regeneration abilities and powers are incredible. Over time, they also use these abilities to heal other people.

Like other fixed signs, the scorpio is reluctant and resistant to changes that are not at its own initiative. However, its determined and strong will is its biggest advantage in achieving its goals. Scorpio is actually a strong and dominant character, although it seems to be easily manipulated and controllable on the surface. The key to the success of the Scorpio is its deepness and analytical approach. Its symbol also carries the incredible power and ability of controlling the scorpion and eagle.

Scorpio man, who shows emotional reactions to his experiences, is then prone to carry out logic, measure the practical value of the experience and eventually take action. Although the basic and strongest motivation in their behavior is their emotions, it is unlikely that extreme emotionality, like the other water group cancer or pisces sign, will appear in the scorpio personality. He prefers to take the dominant role in relationships, consciously or unconsciously, and not to publicize his feelings. Although it seems very clear, every scorpio zodiac sign has its own mystery that it does not want to explain. Scorpio, who does not like to be controlled and manipulated, reacts seriously in these situations. Unless absolutely necessary, the scorpio does not want to explicitly reveal its aggression and combative structure. As in all areas of his life, he needs privacy in his own strength. Scorpio, who does not like losing at all, shows a steady resistance and endurance while pursuing their ambitions, overcoming obstacles and achieving their goals. Self-sufficiency in this struggle is one of the issues that the scorpio sign attaches importance to.

Career Life

Scorpio has an important place in business life thanks to its strong will, the fact that it continues without giving up, and its analytical and deep thinking structure. It is always a great advantage to have a scorpio sign inside the organization. Scorpio, which is generally calm, helpful and self-contained, is actually quite ambitious and devoted.

Scorpio, who preferred to reach his goal directly, takes into account the dimensions that nobody thinks or realizes, with the help of both analysis ability and intuition. The biggest disadvantage of scorpio in business life is its skepticism. Scorpio, who has a very difficult time to trust, can often go under excessive loads, as he also has difficulties in delegation.

Scorpio, who likes to manage, dominate, solve problems radically and use creativity appropriately, may sometimes have difficulty controlling his anger. It is possible to work in the same job for long periods of time when the scorpio sign that prefers loyalty and permanence is satisfied and sees the future. No matter how much he likes to lose, the scorpio's self-renewal, refreshing power is high, and after all kinds of bad experience, like the birth of Promete's own ashes, it stands up again and takes care of the work. is a place that contains a few memories. He wants to create an environment where he can work in a concentrated manner rather than a place of special value.

Scorpio succeeds with its unique abilities in the field that requires all kinds of endurance. Professions such as inspectors, which require skepticism and deep research, are particularly suitable for the scorpio zodiac sign. Maritime, especially the offshore captain, is among the professions that scorpio will love to do. In addition, mental health issues such as psychology and hypnosis can also be adopted by the scorpio as a profession.

Money Status

The scorpio zodiac sign, which is a stable and durable zodiac sign, never returns when it locks its purpose. It is one of the horoscopes related to finance issues. Scorpio takes positive steps and succeeds, especially on large-scale material issues, with the help of analytical skills and intuition. Scorpio, which does not hurt yourself and regards it as a virtue to face difficulties, has no luxury like waiting for the convenience of life in material matters.

Scorpio, who is not afraid to endure troubles until she reaches her goal and does not hesitate, actually loves beautiful things. Having a good home, a solid and safe car and dressing well are among its vital goals. However, the scorpio never makes shopping or going somewhere just to show off, or just as fashion. He wants to get whatever money he pays. He can pay a lot of money for what he gets, but only because he believes in the quality of what he gets. Therefore, the smart-scorpio sign draws a stable financial portrait. Reflections of analytical abilities and ability to see behind strategies are seen in their investments. Scorpio, who never trusts a single investment tool, is using the different tools to increase its money, thus keeping the precaution.

Members of the scorpio also find it appropriate to combine material resources with those of the person with whom they are with.

Love Life

The Scorpio signs irresistibly into the domain from the moment he first encounters him. Scorpio has a very attractive and mysterious structure. In fact, what appears on the surface is just what the other side wants to see. It may look direct and even a bit challenging, but at the bottom it is quite fragile and sensitive. Scorpio takes man very seriously and waits for the person he is with to love and appreciate himself. Scorpio prefers to establish shorter term and not too deep connections at the beginning of their association. Because the scorpio is a feature that prefers to keep people away from itself for fear of getting injured or injured. If the scorpio is engaged in a long-term relationship, he will do his best to give his wife financial and emotional safety.

For Scorpio, it may be a positive step to go to the sea together at the first meeting, a social activity, or choose the environments where people come together. Scorpio loves people who listen and try to understand. He wants the person in front of him to pay attention to himself. In fact, although it is very difficult to have a discussion with scorpio people, if he is disrespectful or acts insensitive, he can easily be aggressive. He also hates being dominated and seen as a guarantee partner.

It should never be forgotten that the scorpio horoscope took a rather jealous and protective attitude towards the person he chose to spend his life. He is looking for a wife who can give love throughout his life, who is rich-hearted and can provide the security he is looking for. He does not hesitate to spend energy to satisfy his needs by always valuing the feelings and thoughts of the other person.

Sex & Sexual Life

The scorpio zodiac sign with a charm like a magnet is called sexuality. As the Scorpio sign is responsible for the common use of all resources, it symbolizes the sharing of the body, which is one of the primary resources. Scorpio is very emotional, although it is not understood from the outside. As a result of an emotionally active life, it also opens the doors of an active sexual life. When the Scorpio is aware of their attraction, they are not afraid to use it to get the people they want.

For a scorpio zodiac sign, it is not possible to live on a platonic level without sexual sharing. Scorpio, a very deeply thinking and living person, wants to share everything with the person he loves, and to know every moment of it. Since he has a very high sexual power, he usually expects that from the other side. It is quite difficult to beat the passions of their passions. It can experience sexuality anytime, anywhere.

The dream world of scorpio, which is made of water element, is extremely dense. He easily shares his fantasies with his partner and puts it into practice. Using aphrodisiacs, creating stimuli that no one can think of are natural parts of the sexual life of the scorpio zodiac sign. Since it has a researching structure, it knows the anatomical structure of the opposite sex to its finest detail at least as much as its own body and acts accordingly. This causes the irresistible sexual attraction of the scorpio to become indispensable. He has a style that likes to be dominant in sexuality.

Health Life

The scorpio zodiac sign in the constant and Water element is related to all constructive and destructive functions in the body. It is a zodiac sign associated with the removal of irreversible in the body. Depth, sensuality and density are the main features of the scorpio zodiac sign. Scorpio does not say that I am easily sick, as she lives very emotionally and deeply, but has difficulty in hitting it out and trying so hard to stay strong.

Scorpio basically manages the lower parts of the kidneys, the lower parts of the adrenal glands and reproductive organs, as well as the nasal bones on the face. It is responsible for the adaptation process of the fetus, as well as for all regeneration processes in the body.

Scorpio is more prone to diseases associated with genital organs, bladder, urethra, prostate, colon, rectum, nasal bones.

Scorpio must be careful against genital problems, venereal diseases, kidney stones, nasal inflammations, polyps, gland disease and protect itself from insidious diseases that are prone to remain hidden first. In addition, hernias, fistulas, hemorrhoids, reproductive organs related diseases and injuries can be encountered. A food regimen containing large onions and garlic, spicy foods will be beneficial for the health of Scorpio.

Choosing the ones made of very hard mines among the items he will use in Scorpio, using jewelry made of topaz and seashells will provide peace, health and success.

Tea and home-made medicines with red, pointed leaves and burning taste, prepared with mustard, black pepper, anemone, mullein, garlic, devil turnip, nettle, laurel will also be useful. Especially anemone, shrub and gardenia are scorpio plants.

Clothes that absorb light such as black, burgundy, dark blue, navy blue and dark green both suit the scorpio sign and help it feel happy.

Scorpio has a very high chance of success in sports, where he can test your own strength. Especially activities such as athletics, weightlifting, hunting, swimming and diving are suitable for scorpio. Taurus should also take into account the neck area sensitivity with its opposite effect.

Diet & Fitness

The metabolism of the scorpio is fast. Scorpio, which always needs an outlet for its deep feelings and impulses, has serious control over its physical appearance with its determined structure. From the moment he decides, he doesn't eat anything he shouldn't put in his mouth.

Long-distance running, swimming, sailing, diving, even boxing are the ideal sports activities for scorpio. People of scorpio who like to act alone and loneliness mostly get bored with team games and group activities, although they love competition. Alternative physical activities such as yoga and meditation are also suitable for the scorpio zodiac sign, if it has learned and adopted its mystery and philosophy. Another suitable physical activity is sexuality. Scorpio, known to have an important share in the life of sexuality, suffers both physically and mentally if it does not experience its physical sharing as much as it needs.

A diet that includes seafood and minerals will be extremely useful. In addition, root crops grown under the ground should be an important part of the nutrition diet of the scorpio. Adequate fluid consumption should also be carefully checked.

Scorpio man, who is extremely resistant to pain, does not even feel acupuncture needles. Acupuncture is a unique method of creating the yin yang balance of the body. Adding acupuncture support to its determination, the scorpio sign achieves its ideal physical balance in a very short time. A slimming regime that includes dried foods will help both the water in the cells and lipid reduction. No matter what type of diet they follow, the scorpio sign is resilient and surely reaches its goal. Besides dry foods, liquid consumption and water cure from time to time will also provide great benefits.

Gift Selection

Scorpio horoscope woman

Scorpio woman likes well-sewn, classic cut clothes. You can buy her a black dress that she can easily wear in many places or a burgundy silk shirt with a lucky color. You can buy a classic trench coat, a stylish umbrella or a quality leather bag that it can use forever. If it works, a leather briefcase will be very useful.

If you are traveling at night, you can give a special alarm to carry in your bag, a tiny flashlight or a mobile phone to see the keys.

You can give quality table top accessories engraved with initials to the discreet woman, who is fond of her private life. She loves sexy, lace and any kind of underwear. Scorpio woman is a real female. I never get enough of the perfume, but you should definitely get the best.

Scorpio horoscope man

Security-related issues are of interest. You will like the different accessories you will buy in your car or home. You can get a CD player for his car.

This sign also likes things made of leather. You can give a leather jacket, wallet, briefcase or belt. Scorpio prefers quality and classic things that he can use for a long time. If you are considering buying a book, you should choose an exciting spy or murder novel. You can give a good type of whiskey or a drink to a scorpio man who enjoys spending time at home.