Gemini Horoscope Features

General Features

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Element: Air

Attribute: Variable

Lucky Numbers: 5, 9

Day: Wednesday

Color: Yellow, Orange Color

Tarot card: Lovers

Animal: Brightly Colored Birds, Butterflies

Plant: Nuts, Walnuts, Lavender, Pearl Flower

Precious metal: Mercury

Positive features:

Harmonious, intellectual, quick-grasp, logical, talkative, lively, sympathetic, open to innovations. Capable of doing several things at the same time, full of youth, adapting to time, tendency to write and learn a new language.

Negative features:

Variable, unreliable, momentary changes in mood, unstable, superficial, gossip, restless, overhead, and too curious.

Gemini female general features

The Gemini woman draws attention with her cheerful, energetic and active structure, but she often experiences instability because she can have different characters. and constantly changes ideas. Gemini woman is practical, smart and attractive. But it is very difficult to understand and solve a gemini woman. Because his ideas and behavior are constantly changing.

Gemini woman thesis is alive and loves to live in motion. Especially traveling, seeing new places and meeting new people gives him great pleasure. He likes difference.

Gemini can deal with more than one job at the same time. He enjoys spending time for himself. He enjoys interest and is very good intentions. He likes to be independent in financial matters. He does not like being restricted and especially taking orders.

He loves to dream and always tries to live in good conditions. They are mobile, they like to travel, they are impatient and always impatient. The Gemini woman attracts a lot of attention and is a good friend with her fluent and effective speech and persuasion ability. Gemini woman has a practical intelligence. He can think fast and act quickly. Since Gemini does not like to be alone, she has a very wide circle of friends.

Gemini male general features

Gemini man attracts attention with his smart, gentle, beautiful, extremely curious and effective speaking and attractive structure. It is practical and has a structure that can easily find solutions to problems.

The Gemini man is also variable like the twin sign woman, and sometimes it can be difficult to understand. He wants to be constantly on the move. He has a structure that is constantly awaiting attention with his childlike attitudes. He definitely wants to do what he puts into his mind. On the other hand, the gemini who are fond of freedom do not like being restricted and taking orders. He always enjoys doing his own business.

Gemini male is double fortune. It has a structure that enables easy dialogue with people and makes it speak. It is immediately noticed by the opposite sex. He enjoys producing new ideas and new projects on business issues. He can produce instant solutions with his practical intelligence. It is also variable in material matters. Sometimes it can be very bonkers, sometimes it can be very stingy, but it is very weak in administration. They have a problem of not being able to concentrate on something.

The Gemini likes the man splurge and is not very successful in money issues. He is not emotionally sensitive and likes to look at the logical side of the business as much as he can. He likes to be productive in what he does.

The Gemini man does not like a multidisciplinary home life, but if he loves it, he can make an effort to get married and continue this marriage. But the gemini sign man has an overhead structure like a woman. Taking responsibility is not for gemini men.

Character Features

The main impulse of the sign of Gemini is to develop the intellectual power necessary to understand the universe. In this direction, Gemini is a structure that constantly collects information and tries to come to a conclusion by evaluating the information it collects. The basic need of Gemini is to exchange ideas, share the knowledge it has acquired with other people. The gemini who are well aware and aware of their needs become a careful researcher and develop an academic style. Those who are late in developing their awareness tend to gossip more and be content with superficial information.

Gemini can adapt to changes at any time. This can be considered as a positive feature that helps make life easier or a negative feature that can be considered as openness to the effects of other people. The ability to imitate the Gemini, which can easily understand the thoughts of other people, is also extremely advanced. This skill plays an important role in stripping the gemini from many difficult situations. However, the ability to easily adapt to other people's situations may cause them to forget the need to act in line with their abilities and needs. They have a tendency to say that other people want to hear, rather than really or real thoughts.

The Gemini reacts in an intellectual platform to those who stand up with experience in life. It tends to analyze everything on a mental level before taking physical action, evaluating its practical side and analyzing its true feelings. This feature causes the Gemini sign to be thought to have an emotional or superficial world of emotion. Gemini displays a character who is talkative, strong, perceptive and curious about everything. Gemini who are constantly in motion often appear much smaller than their age. Another reason why they look young is that they are very successful in keeping up with the world, innovations and age. Its natural versatility and varying interests give the gemini a multi-personality character. Concentrating on what they do and learning to start and finish something one by one, and being productive is the basic need of the gemini.

Jumping from topic to topic easily leads to mess and waste of energy. People around him have to make a special effort to catch up with the sign of the gemini, about time and speed. The gemini who fail to listen usually don't stay silent from the first moment they start talking until they give their last breath. Although she wants to keep a secret about her own life, desires, thoughts and actions, she does her best to learn the mysteries of others. The gemini who want to have a little knowledge about everything can easily affect the person in front of the first impression and impress. It has a friendly, social life-loving and socially wanted structure that communicates with people very easily.

Career Life

Gemini is extremely talented in communication and transmission. However, the gemini who have difficulties of concentration, want to do many things at once and get bored very quickly also have problems in business life which are the extension of these characteristics. The Gemini sign, which is very mobile, restless and easily adaptable, is more successful than routine work, requiring mobility in areas covering different topics.

The success of human relations causes the sign of the gemini to play a natural mediator role in the business world.

The gemini, whose passion for leadership is not intense, likes to enrich and develop their colleagues by transferring and teaching what they know. It accepts new ideas, developments and projects with joy and enthusiasm. There is also the potential to have problems as the gemini, who think very quickly and apply them quickly, because other people cannot keep up with it.

The Gemini office is similar to a communication base. Books, newspapers, magazines are waiting to be read a lot.

Gemini is very successful in business life, education sector, communication and media and public relations. The scholastic gemini, whose scholastic side is quite strong, can reach very advanced levels in teacher, instructor and research. Writing and librarianship are also very suitable for gemini.

Money Status

Gemini does not like to plan a long thought about money as in other areas of life. However, since its adaptability and tolerance are very high, it is an advantage to easily adapt to changing financial situations. In other words, financial changes do not cause the gemini to be severely affected. In fact, gemini who are good at numbers can control their budget very well if they want the sign.

Thinking about the meaning of money in your life and arranging its relationship with money after determining it will create better results for the twin sign. Like the ever-changing thoughts, the relationship of the sign of the gemini with money changes over time. Sometimes money, which he sees as a power tool, can sometimes become a safety tool in his life. In order to satisfy its variable needs, the fluctuations in the budget of the gemini, which can blindly enter sudden expenses, are intense. However, his spending, especially after frugal times, is the biggest factor in his extreme travel. Establishing a vitally important goal that it truly believes in will play an important and beneficial role in the gemini ability to invest and accumulate.

Another factor that motivates Gemini to save money and invest is its interest in innovations. When the gemini feel the need for an ongoing change in their lives, when they realize the need for money to make these changes, they begin to accumulate and try to make more money.

Gemini who has the inherent talent in trade can earn good money especially in this field. Since it can follow new trends very well, the gemini succeed with their forward-looking commercial planning and commercial strategies in this direction. It is quite a simple way for gemini to make gains that can survive or even accumulate from the purchases and sales made by using his commercial intelligence. Gemini, which has an experimental side, does not hesitate to use different investment tools. Due to his curiosity about innovations and diversity, he is capable of following and implementing all kinds of changes in the financial field. They are frugal for their own money, but they can easily spend the money of others.

Love Life

It should always be borne in mind that the sign of Gemini is double character. One side of the Gemini needs love and security, while the other side strongly needs innovation and change. In order to have a relationship with the sign of Gemini, it is necessary to fully satisfy his emotional, mental and sexual needs. He loves to laugh, have fun, travel and experience new things.

Despite knowing about many things, learning about new topics always attracts his attention. It may be wise to engage in a deep discussion on any topic to attract the attention of a gemini sign. Gemini value honesty and sincerity. So, even if the other person disagrees, he likes and appreciates those who say their real ideas and do not act. In addition, not connecting to a single topic, finding interesting new topics can be used as a useful method in gaining the appreciation of the gemini. The extremely social and energetic gemini do not hesitate to use a harsh tongue from time to time. Since Gemini uses words like weapons, he may have problems in communicating with emotional people from time to time.

The zodiac sign Gemini has a jealous structure in love but does not like to show it at all. It is never right to use methods that will suspect or envy. If the gemini see the sign as a satisfying and loyal wife, he will do his best to respond in the same way.

Sex & Sexual Life

The gemini, which has a variable and versatile character, makes the opposite person feel as if they are happening with someone else. The Gemini sign is very successful in human relationships and although it can easily make friends, it escapes from the permanent ones of private relationships. He is looking for different experiences with different people. Therefore, different forms of behavior are required to satisfy a twin sign partner sexually.

Since she has an experimental nature and is bored with making tall plans, the gemini are very prone to one-night stands. As he cannot restrain himself, he cannot withstand and allow someone else to establish control over him.

In fact, the sexual activity of the gemini takes its source from curiosity, not the strength of its impulses.

Like many other activities, he can give up without any explanation, feeling distressed in the middle of sexuality. Or because she doesn't like to deal with a single job, she doesn't hesitate to engage herself with other things, at least mentally, while experiencing sexuality. Since its concentration dissipates quickly, it can completely avoid sharing.

The gemini, who are very talkative and want to tell something constantly, do not remain silent even when sexuality is experienced. The gemini who tell many things related or irrelevant on the subject, regardless of whether their partner is interested or not, have a lot of zodiac signs. The twin zodiac sign symbolizing the hands is extremely capable in using these organs.

Health Life

Movement, elasticity and adaptability are keywords for the sign of the gemini. In the body, the nervous system that provides sensitivity and flexibility to the body when communicating is related to the sign of the gemini. It also helps the lungs to absorb the water they need from the air and provide oxygen by means of breathing.

Since the sign of Gemini is very open to the stimuli of the outside world and its perceptions are stronger than other people, the sensitivity in the nervous system is also intense. In Gemini, the respiratory system, nervous system, hands, arms, and collarbones on the ribs are in the foreground.

Its mobile structure, easy adaptation to any environment, generally helps to strengthen physical health. However, it is true that there are some weaknesses like gemini like every human being. They may experience nervous disorders, sudden drops in body energy, respiratory system diseases such as asthma, bronchitis.

Gemini must be careful especially in human relations, so that small discussions do not cause big disagreements and do not wear out the nervous system. Gemini who tend to be active always mentally need a systematic and healthy breathing and long and rhythmic walking outdoors. The need for diversity will surely manifest itself in foods. However, it should definitely be careful to include cereals and foods that will strengthen their nerves in eating habits.

Gemini must have mercury on or in the house, stones such as yellow topaz, agate, to protect their spiritual tranquility and be lucky.

Home remedies and teas that are grown in sandy, barren areas, with flowers of various colors, prepared with herbs such as dill, andizotte, fennel, lavender, and teas help strengthen the nervous system of the gemini.

Clothing in orange, orange, very pale blue will also give the gemini sign good luck and calmness.

Since Gemini has an active and energetic structure, intelligence games provide satisfaction besides all kinds of bodily activities. But biking, driving, stepping gemini are the leading sports for the zodiac sign. It may be necessary to give importance to the hip region and sciatica with the opposite sign, under the influence of the spring sign.

Diet & Fitness

As it can be understood from its moving structure, the metabolic rate of the gemini sign is quite high. Their easy adaptation to spontaneous life is their biggest advantage. However, the twin sign often develops bad eating habits. It is intensely fed with ready-made food and fast food, as it neglects to keep the necessary materials at home or the search for change comes to the fore.

Gemini, who always love to do more than one thing together, are always watching television or reading books while eating, so he doesn't realize what he eats. Although it has a thin structure, the gemini gain weight because of this habit. The weak sign of Gemini does not mean that it is healthy. More fresh food consumption will cause both the nervous system to strengthen and a better physical health.

One of the reasons for the gemini that are high in nervous sensitivity is the eating habit or fast eating habit when it gets angry. While this habit causes fatigue of the digestive system, it also causes weight gain. His interest in fast food and different cuisines can be listed among other main reasons.

The lungs and upper part of the body need to be developed as the gemini are sensitive areas. Aerobics and jogging will be the most suitable sports for this. Gemini loves active sports that require speed. However, considering the weakness of the respiratory system, it is necessary to be careful about sweating.

The twin sign of psychosomatic origin, prone to physical ailments, needs to pay attention to a food regimen containing B vitamins to strengthen the nervous system.

Among the alternative techniques are the activities carried out in groups, which will relieve the sign of the gemini. Especially, psychodrama will help to have fun, relax and enjoy yourself while having fun.

Counting calories is not a situation in which no gemini can tolerate the sign. The single food regime can also become a torment for a sign of the gemini. So a regimen with various combinations will be prepared as quickly as possible, but containing different foods every day will help the gemini sign lose weight. In addition, it is a basic requirement that the food regime has an order that will not cause problems in the social and professional life of the gemini.

Gift Selection

Gemini horoscope woman

There are tricks we need to know in order to get the right gift for Gemini woman. The Gemini zodiac woman needs to communicate, you can give her a stylish pen or a stylish paper and pen set with initials. He loves things that keep him in touch with people like mobile phones and social media.

Gemini likes to change the sign, and wants to change its image frequently. You can get him a thin belt with a silver buckle, a small leather backpack, as he travels frequently, he may need a new suitcase. A wheeled suitcase or a stylish bag that will be used for weekend travels will be very useful.

Since Gemini likes to do a few things at the same time, you can present a wireless mp3 player and radio where she can listen to music while working. He will love the tiny reading lamp with batteries so that he can read his book at night or while sleeping next to him. The gemini who love to write will be very happy with a diary book with sign, lock and key.

Gemini horoscope man

There are tricks we need to know in order to get the right gift for Gemini man. Gemini loves to read the man very much, you can give him a gift from the best-selling new books. Since Gemini is a travel sign, you can buy a bag or a leather toilet bag. He will be crazy about the plane ticket he can go anywhere.

Receiving or sending emails is fun for him, you can pay his one-year internet subscription. Gemini loves the tiny accessories that work. A wide-angle rear view mirror for his car or a container handle will help to put his drink. The newly released tiny voice recorder will make daily life easier for you to record things that you should not forget.

A weather forecast barometer / thermometer will help how to dress, the gemini man is mostly outside. Likewise, a stainless steel thermos for hot and cold drinks will delight someone on the road like him.

Gemini loves to learn new things, go to courses, lessons. You can find courses to improve the billiards technique or to increase your knowledge of wine.