Sagittarius Horoscope Features

General Features

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Element: Fire

Attribute: Variable

Lucky Numbers: 5, 7

Day: Thursday

Color: Purple

Tarot card: Balance

Animal: Horse

Plant: Daffodil, Dandelion, Mulberry, Oak, Birch

Precious metal: Tin, Tin, Copper

Positive features:

Pleasant. He is cheerful, he knows. Open minded. It will adapt. Good judgments, Philosophical. He is fond of freedom. Extrovert. Religious. Educated. Mature. Bona fide. Sportsman. High imagination. Lucky. Cheerful.

Negative features:

Overly optimistic. Noisy. Irresponsible. Whimsical. Instant attention. Get bored quickly. Impatience

Sagittarius female general features

The Sagittarius woman attracts attention with her cultured, charming, humorous, sensitive and smart aspects. It has a sensitive and fragile structure. Forgiveness is. He is smart and his ability to grasp is strong. He may be interested in more than one subject and have information about all of them.

Sagittarius woman has a tired and quick-fitting structure. He does not like restlessness and is not found in environments with restlessness. He is a friend who is sought after with his energetic and cheerful structure. He cares about his friends and is devoted.

Sagittarius is interested in entertainment and sightseeing. He likes traveling, seeing new places and meeting new people. He wants to be strong financially. Money is a tool for him. He is generous and even a little wasteful.

In his relationship with the opposite sex, he primarily gives importance to friendship and friendship. Sagittarius, who is fond of his freedom, does not like to be restricted and take orders, so marriage seems to him a distant concept. If she does not feel restricted in her relationship, she can marry and become a loyal partner.

Sagittarius woman enjoys interest and compliments. Often, the woman of Sagittarius, who confuses friendship and love, seeks trust and friendship on the opposite side. It is very important for him to chat with the person he likes and to exchange ideas.

Sagittarius will be a very pleasant partner when she marries a woman. He is fond of children and will establish a friendship relationship with his children.

Sagittarius male general features

Sagittarius man attracts attention with his intellectual, sensitive, curious, cheerful and friendly structure. He is well-intentioned and talkative. He is fond of his friends and friendly.

Inaction bores the sign of the Sagittarius man. He must always be mobile and outdoors. He does not like to stay indoors for a very long time.

Sagittarius man information on many subjects. This is due to its curious structure. He likes criticism and is outspoken. Sometimes this frankness can also exceed the pot breaking limit. The sign of Sagittarius known for its generosity can exceed the splurge limit in spending.

The sagittarius sign man, who is extremely fond of freedom, enjoys loneliness, cannot be easily tied in his relationships and is afraid of marriage. She enjoys chatting with knowledgeable and cultured women.

Sagittarius can show his interest intensely when a man likes a woman. But when he realizes later that he cannot find what he is looking for, he can quickly get bored and walk away. Therefore, it is necessary to try to understand a Sagittarius man thoroughly.

Sagittarius is tied if he truly loves men and is not afraid of getting married. He is fond of children and will have a happy marriage for life.

Character Features

The sign of Sagittarius carries the understanding and control of information as the basic motif. Many of the signs of Sagittarius have an academic curiosity that covers many different interests. Sagittarius is bored in the face of situations and people who are not interested, and does not hesitate to show that he is bored. In such cases, it is extremely easy for a Sagittarius to move away physically or mentally from its environment. Rather than classical education, they tend to learn with their own experiences and journeys, adventures. If Sagittarius is given the opportunity to improve his knowledge and increase his experience, he can be a teacher or trainer that will be extremely useful for the education system.

Sagittarius, a variable sign, also easily adapts to changes in your life. However, as with all Variable bushings, this adaptation ability carries the danger of distancing itself from its realities and ignoring basic needs. Sagittarius, the symbol of which is centered, is truly a hunter of knowledge, adventure and experience. Sagittarius people who do not hesitate to reveal and explain their sincere and true thoughts are sometimes known as rough or apolitical. Due to their talkative, warm and honest structure, they can easily engage with people.

Sagittarius are open to all kinds of experiences that will take them away from different and everyday life. The desire for freedom in their nature leads to adventure and trying untested. Sagittarius, whose image is very colorful and rich, often uses these abilities to move itself away from existing unpleasant situations.

Physical reaction comes first in the perception of experiences. Sagittarius tends to evaluate the person at a mental level later, to take the practical side of the experience and to analyze it in an emotional framework. Sagittarius, who is strongly fond of his independence, is actually a nomadic soul. The fact that they do not want to give up their personal independence, married sagittarius sign is the biggest factor in having problems.

Sagittarius bonker has an optimistic and optimistic character who wants to overcome his horizons. According to the sign of Sagittarius, life is an opportunity to be enjoyed and to be enjoyed until the end. The spring sign, which can distinguish good things and develop habit very quickly, does its best to get maximum taste from life. Sagittarius people may also have problems in their lives because they have difficulty in satisfying with less, or the extreme spiritual and philosophical approaches of Sagittarius can cause their connection to the real world.

Career Life

Sagittarius who loves to laugh, speak and have fun is an optimistic and helpful person. With its easily adaptable structure and versatility, it easily affects the other person. He is so deeply attached to what he believes that he convinces the other. Therefore, especially in sales and marketing, Sagittarius achieves great success.

Since it has an optimistic structure, it does not hesitate to spend effort until the end, even in any negative situation. However, it also needs to be free in order to feel comfortable and be useful. Believing that knowledge is power, he tries to have knowledge and improve his equipment in any subject related directly or indirectly with his work.

Routine tasks and office work are boring for the sagittarius who loves travel, movement and adventure. Assigning the horoscope sign for the organization, especially in areas that require foreign relations, is to guarantee success. Although the tendency towards generalization and globalization may occasionally skip the details, the spring sign, which dreams of the target in its entirety, definitely reaches there in some way.

Since Sagittarius usually prefers to be out of the office, it doesn't really matter where you work. However, due to its claustrophobic structure, narrow, dark, cramped environments cause a decrease in efficiency. Certainly, there are memories from his different journeys in his office.

It is perfectly suitable for any business that requires travel and movement. With his persuasion, adaptability and faithful nature, Sagittarius exhibits great skill in sales. The importance it attaches to knowledge plays a positive role in achieving great success and satisfaction in the academic career. Foreign relations are especially suitable for the sign of Sagittarius.

Money Status

Sagittarius, similar to the cicada, is also quite optimistic in the financial field. Spends if any, or sits. Sagittarius people are always after exceeding their material limits. Considering everything in large sizes, the spring sign likes to make big investments and play with large-scale sums. So the risks grow. Sagittarius, who does not lose his optimism or a little bit of hope until he reaches the final stage of the danger and rests on the door, is shocked when he faces the truth.

Sagittarius does not avoid spending any money to improve itself and improve its hardware. Even in older ages, if he gets the opportunity, he can start education by leaving money. He is not afraid to spend big money on long trips because he loves adventure and aims to integrate his personality with long journeys. Since the sense of responsibility towards people with the sign of Sagittarius is not very intense, family members may have serious financial problems. Seeing money as a tool for getting to know life, improving itself and having fun, the spring sign has a lot of difficulties both in accumulating and investing in difficult days.

In fact, money is not a primary requirement in the life of the Sagittarius since it can adapt to life in all conditions and is more skilled and lucky than other zodiac signs to achieve happiness. Creating opportunities to enjoy and enjoy even in minimum conditions is an ordinary task for the sign of Sagittarius.

Love Life

One of the most attractive and interesting zodiac signs for love is Sagittarius. Sagittarius sign, which perceives life as a fun, also loves to love and dream. One of the most important features is the ability of humor. It is always full of new ideas and has an enthusiastic approach to life. Sagittarius's passion for freedom, bonkership and quest for adventure are other important features.

Despite the excitement, passion, romance adventure, this free spirit may find it rather boring to stick somewhere. Sagittarius perceives love as an adventure or struggle. If Sagittarius is not affected by the person with whom it is the first time, the relationship will not continue. For the Sagittarius, it is important what the other person says, rather than where he goes or eats.

Sagittarius wants his partner to be rich intellectually because he is deeply interested in many subjects. Sagittarius are people who are intellectually advanced and enjoy their speech. After a short while in the relationship, quite clear and direct approaches of the spring sign begin to emerge. Often he can export his content without worrying about what he feels or will think. In fact, there is no bad intention other than the desire to be natural here.

The main purpose of Sagittarius in the relationship is to remain true to his wife. However, it is not possible for the Sagittarius to be with a person who is overly at home, who does not want to go out, or with a very jealous wife. The state of giving up the freedom required by the relationship causes the sagittarius to feel trapped. When he finds a suitable wife, it is inevitable that the deep ambitions and warmth he hides appear. From this moment, it is not possible to get bored in a life to be spent with the spring sign.

Sex & Sexual Life

The sexual lives of Sagittarius individuals are also very crowded. In sexual life, it is difficult to understand which feature of the spring sign is triggered by. In other words, in different experiences, different people find different appeals and are warned. Since it is not very emotional, sexual life is a tool that takes it to different horizons and takes it out of the congestion of daily life.

Sagittarius sign, which is very curious about the life outside, has the chance to have very different experiences as it has a wide environment. However, the honest and open-hearted sagittarius does not hesitate to tell his partner about his experiences. The spring sign is often abandoned, as a partner who can withstand this active life cannot be found.

In fact, one reason for his polygamy is the desire to find the person he is looking for in his dreams. But when he loves, he prefers to love him. Sagittarius, which has inherently favorable proportions, is a horoscope that is generally attractive to the opposite sex with its sincere, warm and open structure. Believing people who believe that knowledge is difficult also attach importance to educating themselves sexually. Sagittarius, who is also mentally active, enjoys talking to his partner with whom he shares sexuality. Even after the relationship has ended, he cares about staying with friends and communicating.

Health Life

The desire to obtain information, adventurousness, and the search for innovation can be listed as the main characteristics in Sagittarius people. The readiness of the spring sign for change at any time helps it to flexibly adapt and adapt to the conditions. The calves, legs, coccyx, hips, sciatic nerves that descend from here and control the upper and lower parts of the legs are under the rule of the spring sign. Traditionally the liver is also under the influence of the spring sign, but since it is an organ belonging to the digestive system, it is argued that in some schools, the cancer and virgo signs have a greater effect.

Sagittarius's curiosity to be in different environments causes tendency to injuries caused by falls as well as boils, entanglements, abscesses and microbial firings. Being sensitive to the liver is also very important for the spring sign. In addition, rheumatism, sciatica, gout, febrile illnesses and willpower can be observed.

The curiosity of different cultures in their food can lead to the birth of an alternative type of nutrition. However, it is necessary for a spring sign to develop a diet that will not cause allergies and fatigue in any conditions and with a low alcohol content.

The items made of tin used at home will bring luck, ivory, agate stone, and peace.

Artichoke cures and pills are also a source of health for Sagittarius, as well as teas and medicines with flowers from blue to purple or yellow, grown in fragrant and sweet vast areas, with herbs such as groin, borage, dandelion flower, salvia.

Sporty clothes that allow comfortable movement in blue tones help the spring sign feel both comfortable and comfortable.

Sagittarius's passion for adventure and moving structure is the reason to relax and succeed in almost all kinds of sports. However, although he loves all outdoor activities, athletics, camping, horse riding and archery are very important in the life of the horoscope.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the disorders associated with the lungs and nervous system with the reflex effect received from the opposite sign of the gemini.

Diet & Fitness

The metabolic rate of the spring sign, which is injured in the fire element and has a mobile structure, is quite high. Sagittarius who loves outdoor activities and adventure is thin at a young age. However, over time, excess weight begins to occur, especially in the hips. An extroverted, social and loving sagittarius sign takes great pleasure in being together and acting together.

Sports such as archery, fencing, polo, horse riding, rafting, trekking are ideal for sagittarius sign. In addition, the spring sign provides great satisfaction from all of the risk-bearing and exciting outdoor activities. Sagittarius, who also loves to travel, also enjoys camping, long-distance cycling and driving. Understanding and knowing the connection between mind, soul and body very well, the spring sign can try every method to improve itself and keep it in good condition.

His biggest passion is his fondness for oils. Often his curiosity towards different world cuisines and dishes of different cultures causes him to try different tastes and thus gain weight. Spring sign, which does not like limitations and restrictions, may miss control from time to time. But due to its mobile structure, it is very lucky.

A daily diet that provides calcium balance is very important for the spring sign. The spring bush, which is particularly sensitive to the leg bones and hip area, should give importance to this issue and should focus on milk and milk products.

For the Sagittarius, it is useful to carry the precious and semi-precious stones on them and to keep them in their living places. This method, also known as gemotherapy, plays an important role in maintaining the bodily balance of the spring sign. Fasting once in a while is good for the physical body and spiritual needs of the Sagittarius. It is an ideal method to rest the liver, which is especially sensitive in spring, to consume excess fat and remove toxins from the body. However, its long term operation may cause the spring bush to feel pressured and uncomfortable. Spice and herbal teas are the basic requirement for spring bushing, while maintaining sufficient fluid both in weight and in slimming regimes. It is also important for the spring sign to be careful not to overdo it when using salt and sugar.

Gift Selection

Sagittarius horoscope woman

You can present membership to the mobile and athletic sign woman for the gym. As you like to try new sports, you can have lessons in riding, karate or any sport. In fact, since he likes to learn something new about everything, you can set up a lot of courses (any subject from Italian to a cooking course) that will interest him.

It prefers comfortable and comfortable sportswear. You can buy a useful suitcase for the woman of the Sagittarius who loves to travel. The digital camera will be a good gift as it is a modern woman. A sports watch, a pair of boots or sneakers will make her very happy.

If you are going to buy a book for the highly intelligent Sagittarius woman, you should choose an interesting and deep book that you can discuss later. He loves circuses, you can buy tickets for a circus show. You can gift a cat or a puppy to Sagittarius who loves animals.

Sagittarius horoscope man

You can get a sports watch for the ever-on-going spring sign man to keep up with his work on time. Since he travels frequently, you can give him a leather bag where he can carry his passport and tickets. Sagittarius man is very sporty. You can gift a ski shoe, basket or soccer ball, tennis racket, sports suit, a tent to use while camping, and barbecue. You can give a fishing gear, a hunter knife, and a compass next to it. You can choose something from sports stores.

You can buy tickets for basketball and football matches from the seats with seats. You can give an outdoor enthusiast spring sign anorak and vest to wear while wandering the stream in winter. If it has a garden, it may be a basketball hoop. He is always child-spirited, will love a colorful kite or circus show. If you have a remote control toy boat if you have kids, it will play with it in the parks, along the water.