Cancer Horoscope Gemstones


Agate is a very diverse stone, found in many different colors in nature. Agate stones are a mixture of red, gray, white, blue, brown and green colors. Agate stone has been used as a protective factor against negative energies since the early ages as ornaments, jewelry and decorative. Agate is hard and its colored parts have a translucent transparent or translucent structure. It took its name from the Achates River in Sicily.

Agate is a strong healing agent in general. It can be used as a kind of therapy tool. Various minerals within the stone can be a source of healing in different matters. However, it is necessary that it touch the body and the energy in nature, especially solar energy, can reach the body through the stone. Symbolizes the Agate Taurus.

Benefits of Agate Stone

• It is believed to protect the carrier from danger and end their non-compliance.

• It is good for insomnia, cowardice, blackhead, and harm, as well as the proper functioning of metabolism.

• It helps in realizing the facts.

• Agate, which has a strong and masculine energy, is beneficial for genitals and sexual power.

• It gives a feeling of warmth to the tight parts of the body and reduces the tension.

• It releases excess or negative energy in the body, thereby eliminating stress.

• Socializes the person and helps him to adapt to the environment and people.

• It helps to overcome fears and increase courage.

• It improves mental and logic power.

• Strengthens the body and relaxes the circulation of lymph.

• Balances blood pressure. Especially brings low blood pressure to normal level.

• It provides protection against evil eye. Because it has a remarkable feature for the first look.

• With its vitality energy, it also allows you to see the good direction of the events when you feel distressed and bad. If you're easily effected by the negativity of people, carnelian will be very good for you.

• After canceling the tender and they will not offer users to see dr. It keeps children carrying this stone in their pockets away from negative emotions and quarrels.

Symbolizing worldly success, agate protects against negative energy and stimulates exhausted courage. It would be beneficial for businessmen to carry this stone especially under the waist (pocket, ring, etc.). It increases self-confidence, especially when used as a ring.

• Represents joy and peace.

Hardness Level: 7

Chemical Structure: SiO2

Specific Gravity: 2.57 - 2.64

Chakras: Root, Lower abdomen, Heart

Cleaning: Flowing water, Sun (1 Hour)


Amethyst, which means not getting drunk in mythology, gives energy, happiness, peace and vitality. Since it is an energetic stone, it has a refreshing effect on most people. It is a crystal that you can carry on you all the time. The energy it emits always benefits you and protects it from negativity. Try to keep this stone on you especially when you are in a negatively charged environment. So you can be sure you will receive only positive energy.

Amethyst, one of the strongest stones in terms of effect, is the purple type of quartz stone. They have different colors from lilac to dark purple. It takes its purple color from the iron mine and is a silicon dioxide composition. It is recommended to use with Pink Quartz.

Benefits of Amethyst Stone

Protects from radiation and negative energy

• Good for the eyes

• Because it carries a negative electric charge; It increases the brain power by collecting excess electricity charge in the body.

• Good for heart conditions

• Cleans the blood

Good for allergies

• Soothes anger, relieves stress and gives positive energy

How should the Amethyst Cleaning be done?

The most convenient way to clean the gemstones is to bury it in dry soil at certain intervals and wait for a day. If your stone is porous, you can also clean it by standing in clean water. Because it is soil and water cleaner. Since too many people come into contact with stones, it will cause an accumulation of negative energy, so you should definitely clean your newly bought stones before using them for the first time. You can also clean your amethyst with sun rays. Soaking in sunlight or clean water for 30 minutes will clear your crystal.

Where is the Amethyst Stone Removed?

Amethyst, which is extracted in a large area on the earth, takes different names according to its color. major countries extracted; Siberia, Uruguay, Zambia, Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, Argentina, Zambia, Namibia, Africa.

Amethyst stone, which has a hardness of 7, is mostly used as jewelry and ornaments. When used as a jewelry, it is necessary to contact the skin. If it is used as a decorative item in environments such as home and workplace, it is more suitable to use untreated parts as crystal. In this way, it collects negative energy in the environment and emits positive energy.


Aventurine is a stone belonging to the quartz group, which can be found in blue, orange and green colors. It is generally found in green tones and therefore, when it comes to aventurine, green aventurine comes to mind first. It is an emotional stabilizer and believed to be effective against depression. It is a stone that you can use to feel happy. It has a glittery and granular structure.

Aventurine stone is also called star stone. When placed near the heart, it protects from negative energy. This stone has a softness between jade and pink quartz. It is the best way to get this smooth stone on your chest, directly touching your skin. If the stone is pointed, then it is necessary to bring the pointed tip up. This stone is unlimited possibilities, it opens wide horizons to you. You can use this stone when you feel yourself stuck in restricted, blocked, narrow thought patterns or outdated behavior.

Benefits of Aventurine Stone

• Increases physical strength and vitality.

• It is a stone that has positive effects especially for heart health.

• It is emotionally stabilizing and effective against depression.

• It is a stone you can use to feel happy.

• It is considered as a luck stone.

• It allows you to be soft and open-hearted without being too sensitive.

• It has a soothing effect for those who are prepared to reopen after closing their heart.

• It is the best way to make use of this smooth stone on your chest, directly to your skin.

Hardness Level: 7

Chakras: Sunfly, Heart, Forehead


The moonstone, which has been seen as a precious stone since the first civilizations and made jewelery, was used effectively by the Romans. Moonstone usually contains translucent white, orange, blue colors. When it is exposed to light, also known as rainbow, it shines blue.

Moonstone, which has a hardness of 6 - 6.5, is of medium hardness and should be treated delicate. Otherwise, it is a stone that can be damaged easily. It is used for lower abdomen, solar fly, heart chakras. The moonstone, which takes this name because of rumors that it reflects the glow of the moon, has emotional balancing qualities. Its main locations are Brazil, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Burma, Tanzania and Mexico.

Benefits of Moonstone

• Moonstone helps the person to get rid of emotional tension and accept their feelings.

• In cases of overreaction and anxiety, moonstone balances you and allows you to be sensitive to other people's feelings.

• It provides emotional balance and is good against ego.

• It mutually enhances the feelings of compassion and sympathy between you and people and brings sympathy to the person who carries it.

• Makes lovers to be more passionate.

• Strengthens intuition and communication.

• It is the stone of those with low stars. It is effective against evil eye.

• Ensures regular monthly periods of women.

• It is good for cramps, leg and back pain. It relieves the pain of birth.

• It is effective against gluttony.

Quartz Crystal

It has spread over a wide area around the world. It is a hard and solid mineral group that forms more than 10% of the earth's crust. They are crystals in the form of hexagonal prisms. Often there is a frozen drop of water in it, and when it breaks, it turns back into water.

Quartz crystal, which has been used in magic and treatment fields since ancient times, consists of components of oxygen and silicon. Today, treatment is one of the most qualified stones. In fact, the term crystal quartz defines a very large family of stones, not a single type of stone. Some of the members of this family have become known by their own names by declaring their independence. Amethyst, Citrine, Blood Stone, Chrysoprase is from this family in stones.

It is used in the industrial field as an electronic transmitter and separator, and is also used in watches, detergents, dentists, glass and electric lighting. It is a symbol of strength and hidden power in a metaphysical sense. It passes the energy of nature through it. It is believed that the universe represents the infinite power and the bearer can grasp this power. Quartz crystals were used with prayers for raining in ancient times.

It destroys the negative energy that occurs around the person and collects, activates the positive energy and accumulates it at the same time. It also has a feature that activates thought forms.

Benefits of Quartz Crystal

• It is an emotional stabilizer. It stimulates brain functions.

• It provides protection against loss of power and vitality.

• In particular, it collects radiation emitted from devices such as mobile phones and radios.

• Strengthens mental concentration.

• It protects the person from the negative energy of other people if it is carried under clothing by touching the skin. If you are in positive people, wear your stone visible. Thus, it collects the positive energy of the people around you.

• It has a headache relieving feature.

• Keeps digestion and blood circulation system healthy and improves if sick.

• It is healthy for the eye.

Hardness Level: 7

Places It is extracted: It is a hard and solid mineral group that forms more than 10% of the earth's crust. It is commonly found.

Cleaning: Soil / Salt water / Flowing water


Ruby, one of the most valuable stones in terms of beauty and aesthetics, is known as the lord of stones in India. It is the most precious and hardest stone after diamond. Ruby has a hardness of 9.0 and a melting point of 2050 ° C. It has a range of colors ranging from red to brown or from pink to magenta, in various shades of red. What gives the red color to the ruby ​​is the chrome element in it.

Ruby was used in the first laser production. Contrary to popular belief, making laser with ruby ​​has not been very easy. The main reason for the difficulty is that ruby ​​has three energy levels.

It is an unpretentious stone in its natural state, but it can be as eye-catching as a diamond when cut.

Ruby gives people a sense of freedom and gives a revival effect. It provides the expression of feelings such as courage, leadership and happiness. Ruby stone positively stimulates blood circulation. It gives the bearer a sense of courage and self-confidence.

It reflects the energy in the red color to the person carrying it.

Ruby stone is used as precious stones in jewelry such as rings, necklaces, bracelets and necklaces. It takes its place among the stones that jewelry lovers value most. It reflects a wonderful range of colors that contain the shades of red. It increases body resistance with the energy of red color and is known to strengthen the immune system. Ruby stone is one of the most popular and preferred stones.

Benefits of Ruby Stone

• It strengthens the immune system.

• It is good against sexual excesses.

• It has a positive rejuvenating effect on blood circulation.

• It leads the person who carries him to be honest.

• It helps the person to express his true nature and personality freely.

• It strengthens one's self-confidence and courage.

• It saves the person from their own limitations, increases their spiritual development and feelings of happiness.

• It saves the person from the negative emotions he feels about himself.

• Provides unconditional love. It increases feelings of understanding and tolerance towards other people.

• It strengthens the intuition and ensures that evil is avoided.

Hardness Level: 9

Chakras: Root, Heart

Cleaning: Flowing water / Sun (1 hour)


The stone of mythology and legends, Emerald is one of the most precious stones in the world. It was believed that it was raining because the color was green. Emerald has been used as jewelry for centuries. History of emerald mines in Egypt BC. It dates back to 1650. Emerald has traditionally been considered the birthstone of May. Also in some cultures, emerald is known as a traditional gift for the 55th wedding anniversary.

Emerald, a type of Beryl mine, is a perfect stone. Compared to other precious stones, it is softer. It does not shine much like other stones. Its color is eye-catching and it is a very impressive stone. This green and transparent gemstone is a precious gem.

The emerald, whose power of breaking and spreading light is not very high, does not shine much compared to other precious stones. Top quality emeralds, including British royal jewelry, are exported from Colombia.

Emeralds are formed in the veins together with calcite and pyrite. Pure emeralds are very rare. Emerald crystals often contain other minerals and small stains.

It has many kinds of cuts like emeralds like diamonds. The maintenance of emerald is also important. It needs to be lubricated in order to restore its color periodically and to restore its smooth surface.

Since cracks and non-fractures are very rare, they are very valuable. Emerald brings abundance and joy.

Benefits of Emerald Stone

• It strengthens the immune system, nervous system, heart, lungs and kidney.

• Strengthens friendship, marriage and family ties.

• It emphasizes feelings of success and satisfaction. It rescues the feeling of inadequacy and strengthens the feeling of gratitude towards life.

• Gives a sense of love to the person. It increases the joy of living.

Hardness Level: 8

Chakras: Sunfly, Heart, Forehead

Cleaning: Flowing water / Sun (1 hour)