Scorpio & Cancer Horoscope Compatibility

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24 Oct - 22 Nov
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21 Jun - 22 Jul

If they say describe a scorpio in 3 words, all 3 words would be passion. One of the zodiac signs that can understand the Scorpio, which has a very deep world of emotion even though it lives in its feelings, is the Cancer sign. He has a world of emotion as deep as a scorpio. The two can have a romantic relationship together. Scorpio is cut out for Cancer sign. Scorpio is bound unconditionally to his beloved, but there is a lot of work here in Cancer to ensure his trust. Scorpio is jealous, but this jealousy of her makes Cancer only happy. This duo deserves 8 points out of 10. Scorpio and Cancer will be a very harmonious and passionate couple, not only in love life, but also in bed.

Since both are passionate horoscopes in this relationship, this relationship will definitely be a full love affair. Scorpio does not easily trust anyone. In this case, he will be very jealous of the person he loves and will always be in the eye. Although this nature of the scorpio horoscope seems to be unbearable by some zodiac signs, the Cancer horoscope will be very fond of this situation, which enjoys being attracted and feeling loved. Cancer sign and scorpio duo, which have a strong bond between them, are quite harmonious in bed. Both are open to new fantasies, and you can always see them at home, especially in the early stages of their marriage.

Scorpio will bring the sensuality and passion that it has hidden in it to the water surface with the Cancer sign. Cancer, a romantic sign, will manage to impress the scorpio with its passionate love. Thanks to the piercing gaze of the scorpio sign and the devil feather on it, it will manage to impress the Cancer sign at the very first moment. Cancer fears losing his beloved. For this, he tries to be like one he wants. His efforts will also be appreciated by the sign of the scorpio.

Zodiac Sign Cancer: Female / Zodiac Sign Scorpio: Male

The Cancer woman and the Scorpio man are very similar, especially in their jealousy. They hate taking orders and being restricted in these two signs. In addition, they love passion and excitement in their relationships. When this is the case, it is quite easy for these two to find harmony and be happy when they live together. We can say that they are two complementary horoscopes. Their relationship will be a harmonious and highly passionate relationship. If they decide to marry, they will never lose the big and harmony between them and they will be quite happy.

Zodiac Sign Cancer: Male / Zodiac Sign Scorpio: Female

Cancer man and scorpio woman can be very harmonious and get along in their love life as in friendship relationships. Many features of these two signs are similar. However, the only problem is that sometimes they cannot catch the passion they want in the first time they start the relationship, but remember that as time goes on, they will have a passionate relationship here. Although the scorpio woman has a cold-blooded structure at first, her Cancer sign scares her man a little bit, but later she sees how she is in the woman and falls in love with her. In their long-term relationships, their marriage will continue without any problems.