Libra & Scorpio Horoscope Compatibility

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24 Sep - 23 Oct
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24 Oct - 22 Nov

Scorpio, which has a power to seduce everyone with its passion and passion, can be a wonderful couple with the Libra that are known for their respect for the family and marriage institution. Scorpio can be influenced by the zodiac sign as well as all zodiac signs with her sexy looks and seductive movements. Scorpio is a rather jealous horoscope. Therefore, zodiacs that are fond of freedom may not coexist with the sign of scorpio. However, the zodiac sign attaches great importance to associations. If the sign of Scorpio does not interfere with the sociality of the sign of Libra, and if the sign of Libra can overcome the jealousy of the sign of Scorpio, we say that it will be for this relationship! Another important point in the libra of zodiac and scorpio zodiac signs is the insecurity of scorpio zodiac signs against people. If the Libra can provide this trust, he can take a wonderful path with the Scorpio.

The combination of zodiac sign and scorpio, where jealousy will make a ceiling, may end with the sadness endings of the scorpio sign with jealousy. For Libra is quite optimistic and shows love to everyone around him. When the opposite sex is involved, the loving Scorpio can go crazy with envy and put the relationship in a deadlock. At this point, the zodiac sign needs to be careful in this type of behavior when it is with the scorpio zodiac sign.

Libra places great importance on loving and being loved. So much so that he shows love to everyone to be loved. His condition will not like the scorpio. Because the scorpio does not want to share her lover with anyone. There is a job for the scorpio. If Libra shows the love it needs, Libra will not have to show love to anyone else.

We can say that the opposite of both Libra and Scorpio is runway. In this case, the fight of these two can be very hot. However, there is a constant desire to speak inherent in the members of Libra. In this case, he can call his girlfriend all day long. Scorpio can be afraid of love and escape. This relationship will need some balance. If both can achieve this balance, this relationship has a 60% chance.

Zodiac Sign Libra: Female / Zodiac Sign Scorpio: Male

Libra man loves to take the woman he loves under his wing. Scorpio woman can only belong when she is in love. The biggest common point between the two will be humor. The jokes made by adding intelligence leave a big mark on the woman of the scorpio. The feature that will connect the scorpio zodiac sign, which is a passionate lover, is the honest and fair approach of the zodiac sign. In this zodiac harmony, sexual life is more active and sacred than social life. He pays special attention to the hours spent in both zodiac signs. Libra is accommodating and scorpio is more passionate.

Zodiac Sign Libra: Male / Zodiac Sign Scorpio: Female

Can Libra woman win the loneliness of the scorpio man as a partner who loves to have fun and travel that is fond of her social life? Unknown. However, if they manage to socialize together, a relationship can arise that will cause an explosion of love. Although Scorpio seems generally dignified and arrogant, the analytical intelligence of Libra will be the most attractive aspect. Love is very important for scorpio men who highly respect intelligence. For Libra, whose symbol is justice, it is necessary to give confidence in the first place to avoid the jealousy crisis of the scorpio male.